California wrap up……one very very long blog post!

Wow, I was out on the west coast since before Christmas. I am home now and gearing up for another semester of courses, working, and living the ahhhhh….everyday “normal” life. I did have a nice break from school. I had enough down time, fun time, and of course shooting time while in California. I was part of many spanking shoots for Spank that Brat, Abigail, Miss Audrey Spanks, Girl Spanks Girl, My Spanking Roommate, Spanked Sweeties, The Spanking Digest, and Good Spanking. I also had a lot of fun exploring the many sights to see in Southern California. I also made so many wonderful new friends. Abigail and I grew especially close and I know that I have a friend for life in her.

On one of the few sunny and nice days, we took a drive through the beautiful beach town of Laguna.

The Beach

The beautiful and sexy Abigail Whittaker

On another nice day we went to San Diego to the Birch Aquarium, Balboa Park, and walked around by the beach in La Jolla. I saw so many seals on the beach and in the water. We lucked out with the nice sunny weather. It had been so cold for many days, so to have this weather was wonderful.

Cute fish at the aquarium

Sarah and Abi eaten by a shark…..ahhhhh!!!!

The beautiful Balboa Park

Riding the Carousel at Balboa Park….it really is as fun as it looks

The seals in La Jolla


Sassy Jane and Chris rented me and Abigail a car for the last few days so her and I could have some time to go out together. We took a trip over to Santa Monica Pier, rode the ferris wheel, and watched the beautiful sunset from the top of it.



Abigail and I also took the car over to L.A. to meet up with Clare Fonda to see her comedy show. Clare is such the funny gal……we had so much fun!!!!


After Abigail left to go and shoot for Firm Hand, I still was out here for another few days to shoot and see more attractions. Audrey Knight arrived a few days before Abigail left so that they could shoot for Spank that Brat. After Abi left, I had some time to hang out with Audrey. Me, Chris, Sassy, and Audrey all went to Disneyland on my last weekend in California. It was sad to go without Abigail, but she had another shoot to get to. It was fun hanging with Audrey and getting to know her a little better. She is really fun to be around. We went on some fun and crazy rides. I get really scared, I mean really scared and sometimes even cry when the ride is too scary. I went on Splash Mountain and I was freaking out at the big drop. I don’t know why I get so scared. It is like my stomach gets in all these crazy knots and my heart goes into my throat and I go into this silent shock where I can’t move and then the ride is taking me all over and I can’t even keep my eyes open. Then the tears begin to roll down my face out of terror and anxiety and then all I can think is, when will this ride stop. Then after I am so proud of myself for doing it. I don’t know why I put myself through it, but I do and it does give me a huge thrill and get me into the moment and out of my stressful life. My favorite rides had to be Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and the Bobsleds. I am a huge Disney fan. My favorite Disney Characters are Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Mary Poppins, Minnie Mouse, and Piglet.

dsc_0056 dsc_0071

And alas……what you all come here for…..spanking. Well, now that you have read my super long blog post that had nothing to do with spanking……I am throwing in a tid bit at the end that may spark your interest. Audrey Knight asked me if I would shoot a short scene on my last day for her site, Miss Audrey Spanks. I was unsure if I could or not because I was pretty marked and sore from my Chelsea Pfeiffer shoot the day before. Audrey and I talked about it and she decided that we would have it be more of a “sensual” caning to sort of introduce me to it since I had never really been caned. It was a realistic scene where I asked Miss Audrey to “play” and give me a light spanking and caning so I could experience it. It was also more like a therapeutic spanking. I was so emotionally drained from my long trip away and feeling tired and worn out. I couldn’t react as much as usual being as out of it as I was….but it makes for a good scene. You can see it on Miss Audrey Spanks in the near future.




All the canes used were made by the wonderful people over at Cane-IAC

7 thoughts on “California wrap up……one very very long blog post!

  1. tim salisbury

    Wow Sarah you did have a great time on your travels with a lot of spanking sessions,your bottie must have been sore and you met up with lovely friends look forward to the videos later from tim.

  2. Mark


    Thanks for sharing your West coast adventures (complete with photos) with us. Glad you had an enjoyable time.
    You mentioned “another semester of courses”. What courses are you taking now?


  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Loved your pictures, you seem like you really had
    a fun time.I especially like the one with you, Clare
    and Abigail. I am looking forward to seeing you on
    Punished Brats in the near future. You and Pixie
    seem to have a lot of fun on and off the set.
    Have a great day
    Love AK


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