One of my FAVORITE spankers is…….

Chelsea Pfieffer….yes there you go. I know back when I did my interview for The Spanking Spot, I named Chelsea as my second favorite spanker, well not anymore, she is right up there with Clare Fonda and many others who I would say are all my favorites. When I did that interview I never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, but apparently I did and boy did I pay for it. I showed up to shoot for Chelsea expecting to do a few scenes and when I got there I found out I was in for it. I was getting a real punishment. It was almost as long as a Chelsea Spanks. I took it good and I learned a lot about PR and how to answer these kinds of questions in the business world. So for future reference…..I have so many spankers that I have really liked working with and each for different reasons. I don’t like one more that another, I like them each for different reasons and connect in different ways.



I really had a great time working with Chelsea this past week and after I begged Chelsea enough she agreed to squeeze in a short extra “mommy” scene after my real punishment was over. Thanks Chelsea for a great shoot!

8 thoughts on “One of my FAVORITE spankers is…….

  1. Spankfun

    Seems to be the first time that an interview at The Spankingspot gave the setup for a spanking. BrushStrokes should be honoured.


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