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Intimate Spanking Special Promotion

I’ve kept this blog post but the offer below expired long ago. Intimate Spanking is one of my favorite clip stores so I would like to keep the post! Hope you all understand.
Sarah. xoxox


Hello everyone, I am very excited to let all our members know of an amazing deal we have set up to reward those who continue to support us during these troubling times.

As you know, Intimate Spanking is a Clip Store and will remain so, but we are making available some films for members via the following promotion. Check out the terms 7 conditions… it is for those who have rebilling memberships… more details on the site promotional page!
I hope you like the offer,
Take care,
Sarah. xoxo

This Specialty Clip Store showcases some of the hottest spanking performers. 
It’s an all-female clip store where sexually explicit & erotic spankings are filmed.
Classy, elegant & refined: with scenes of beautiful women giving & receiving pleasure.


  • Conditions: This offer is open to all present members of the SG Network who are on a Monthly recurring membership – that has rebilled.
  • Important: This is a Loyalty Program where we are rewarding those of you who have chosen to extend a site membership on a recurring basis.
  • This offer is open to all members of the following websites: Anyone purchasing memberships that have been vastly discounted in the past are ineligible.
  • This applies to ALL standard Full Price recurring memberships past & present: Currently $24.95/month after the initial purchase – SG Pass $36.95/month after initial purchase. – – – –

Choose one of the films below and contact Customer Support or email us at – title your email SPECIAL OFFER

  • Let us know the film you require and provide details of your membership which must be active and have already rebilled at least once.
  • Important: Provide your username & website – if you do not, we will not fulfill your request.
  • Once we verify your details we will provide a link via Dropbox for you to download your chosen film(s).

Oh, and if you are a member of all our sites, “Congratulations!”
You get to choose up to 4 films!

Being a recurring member of Sarah Gregory Pass earns you 2 films
& other individual sites earn one film per recurring site membership.

No other films are offered during this current promotion
We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice or explanation. Thank you.


For the full library of erotic content please visit Intimate Spanking

Intimate Spanking News – Part 2

Here is the continuation of the last fews films to date on Intimate Spanking – newest Clip store!

A favorite and top seller right now (It is #1 in the spanking category on Clips4sale) is “That Feels So Good Mommy” It is a hot taboo film with two amazing stars in the adult industry, Christina Carter and Anastasia Rose. While filming this I got so turned on…..I mean it is so freaking hot if taboo is your thing and if you know me, then you know it is my thing!

Next is a film starring Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston – two faces you will see lots of on Intimate. They star in “Hurts So Good”


“Cara Takes Charge” is the next film in the store. It stars Cara Day and introduces Lola Belle to Intimate. We filmed with Lola this past February and asked her if she was up to do something more sexual and with whom. She chose Cara so the chemistry is real for sure.

And the last film to date in the store is a film starring three very familiar faces when it comes to sexy spankings and adult work! Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane, and Britney Light. They star in “Slumber Party Games”

New Store – Intimate Spanking!

I am so excited to be launching a new clips4sale store Intimate Spanking so what better way to start blogging again. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands and I am not busy shooting and traveling, I am home in this self-isolation due to the coronavirus I will be blogging more! I want to introduce the new store and give you all some of the HOT photos from the first set of films posted!

The first film is called Girlfriend Spanking Fun and stars Anastasia Rose and Kendra Heart. We filmed this last year at Fetishcon and these two ladies LOVED making this content as they have a real life friendship and relationship so it came so naturally to them. Here are some photos!

The next film to appear stars two foreign faces to the spanking world, but not to the adult industry. Nora Nova and Alison Rey are very prominent figures in adult videos and I am so excited that they wanted to shoot for Intimate Spanking. They shot 4 videos, in this first one, they play secretaries who have a secret crush on each other. Alison gets in trouble on purpose because she knows what the consequences will be. Here are some photos from “Consequences She Likes

The next film stars me alongside the beautiful Macy Nikole. I met her at Fetishcon 2019 and she admitted she loved my videos and really wanted me to spank her, so of course I had to shoot with her. I don’t usually appear in films for the new store, but I couldn’t resist spanking this cutie! See us in “Yes Mistress”

The Fourth film to appear in the store stars two faces that have shot lots of content for Intimate. Kiki Cali and Veronica Weston. These two are fabulous in this style of film as they are both actual spankos who also have done adult work as well. They have a natural chemistry and I am excited to shoot lots more of them together. Here they star in “Fun in the Tub”

Next we have a film starring Lady Alice and Violet October. These two were fabulous together on film and Violet admitted that she loved submitting to Alice. Alice has such a natural style to her topping that is it insatiable. See them in “Asking For it” 

The next film stars two hot women that will appear lots on Intimate Spanking, Cara Day and Zoe Page. We filmed this on set of another big shoot. When we do Strictmoor shoots, we typically do extra shooting the day after with the girls that are in town. Cara and Zoe were more than excited to shoot for the new store in “Our Little Secret” 

The last film I am going to blog about today is called “Promiscuous Girls Get Punished” and stars two faces that will be seen a lot on this store, Miss Lovecraft and Veronica Weston. The spanking in this film is a bit harder, but also Miss Lovecraft has a natural way of making it so sexy as well.

The next blog post coming soon will feature the next few films posted on the store!


Favorite Momma Spankings Films From 2018

So, I decided to really kick off this blog for 2019 with a post of some of my favorite films we produced in 2018 from our network of sites – Momma Spankings,  Sarah Gregory Spanking,  AAASpanking, and Cheerleader Spankings. I am only adding a few photos and gifs from each as there are a lot. I will provide links as well if you missed the films and want to purchase them still.  Just click on the title of the films for the purchase link!

So to kick things off, I am going to start with Momma Spankings Favorites that I starred in of course. The next couple of blog posts will deal with the other websites.

Disobedient Daughter Disciplined
Starring me, Miss Elizabeth and Paul “Tubaman” Rogers


Sarah’s Tearful Punishment
Starring me and Miss Bernadette


Double Trouble For Sarah
Starring me, Miss Elizabeth and Dana Specht


Best Friends Punished Together
Starring me, Miss Elizabeth, Harley Havik, and Madame Samantha B


A Spanking Before Bedtime
Starring me and Clare Fonda


Disrespectful Daughter Disciplined
Starring me and Miss Bernadette


Now for some other Momma Spankings Favorites starring others!

Momma Punishes Quinn
Starring Quinn and Miss Elizabeth


Kiki Diapered and Mouth Soaped
Starring Kiki Cali, Miss Bernadette, and Paul “Tubaman” Rogers


Mommy Spanks Britney
Starring Britney Light and Miss Bernadette


Slumber Party Sluts
Starring Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bernadette, Misty Lovelace, Apricot Pitts, Elori Stix, & Luci Lovett


Mommy Spanks Veronica
Starring Veronica Weston and Madame Samantha B


Coming next – 2018 Favorites from Sarah Gregory Spanking!