Favorite Momma Spankings Films From 2018

So, I decided to really kick off this blog for 2019 with a post of some of my favorite films we produced in 2018 from our network of sites – Momma Spankings,  Sarah Gregory Spanking,  AAASpanking, and Cheerleader Spankings. I am only adding a few photos and gifs from each as there are a lot. I will provide links as well if you missed the films and want to purchase them still.  Just click on the title of the films for the purchase link!

So to kick things off, I am going to start with Momma Spankings Favorites that I starred in of course. The next couple of blog posts will deal with the other websites.

Disobedient Daughter Disciplined
Starring me, Miss Elizabeth and Paul “Tubaman” Rogers


Sarah’s Tearful Punishment
Starring me and Miss Bernadette


Double Trouble For Sarah
Starring me, Miss Elizabeth and Dana Specht


Best Friends Punished Together
Starring me, Miss Elizabeth, Harley Havik, and Madame Samantha B


A Spanking Before Bedtime
Starring me and Clare Fonda


Disrespectful Daughter Disciplined
Starring me and Miss Bernadette


Now for some other Momma Spankings Favorites starring others!

Momma Punishes Quinn
Starring Quinn and Miss Elizabeth


Kiki Diapered and Mouth Soaped
Starring Kiki Cali, Miss Bernadette, and Paul “Tubaman” Rogers


Mommy Spanks Britney
Starring Britney Light and Miss Bernadette


Slumber Party Sluts
Starring Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bernadette, Misty Lovelace, Apricot Pitts, Elori Stix, & Luci Lovett


Mommy Spanks Veronica
Starring Veronica Weston and Madame Samantha B


Coming next – 2018 Favorites from Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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