What have I been up to lately?

I cam home from California to find a bunch of packages on my bed. I opened the first package from my good friend Amber Pixie Wells and there was a Christmas stocking. I looked inside and pulled out lots of cute panties. You will have to wait to see some of them in my next shoots. I opened the second package from Chloe Elise and came across……guess what it was?…………..one really nice pair of panties!!! and a really cute bee keychain that says on the back…”Beelieve in Yourself” which is something I don’t do a lot of the time, so it was perfect for me. The next package was from Cane-IAC. They sent me some implements to try out. Since they are using a photo of me on their website, they offered to send me some implements in return. They sent three different OTK canes and a leather strap to add to my small implement collection that is slowly growing…yay….well yay to those who get to use them on me. Here is my collection so far:

Brat Paddle given to me from Abigail Whittaker for Christmas.
Pink Heat it Up Paddle given to me from Audrey Knight.

I have been slowly unpacking. When I got home, my dresser completely broke, as in the drawers would no longer open and all my clothes were stuck. I had to pull the thing apart and search for a new one. Luckily I found one on Craig’s list, so I got it and now I can put my clothes away. That was stressful.

I did another photo shoot with Dick OBrien. Here are a few shots. We had a good day and did many sets.





I have also been planning a couple of Birthday Parties for myself….yes two. I am going to go out on my Birthday which is Feb. 5th with a bunch of people from the play I was in. Then I planned a party for myself at the strip club I am a shot girl at. I invited all my friends from college and hometown where I grew up. They should both be very fun and I am looking forward to celebrating being 25!

And finally….I am planning my trip to the Shadow Lane Party. Yes I am pretty sure that I am going. So, getting the details in line for that has been taking some of my time as well. I am still accepting any donations to help with expenses on my spanking travels…..and yes I will send you photos as well. This blog post explains it. I have lots of new photos to send you for your donations!

Hugs and Spanks, Sarah

5 thoughts on “What have I been up to lately?

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love your pictures, you make a beautiful angel.
    I am glad to hear you are going to the Shadow lane
    party. Hope you gets lots of pictures to show us.
    Take care
    Love AK

  2. tim salisbury

    Sarah lovely photos nice of the girls to send you cute panties look forward to you wearing these in your shoots ,your botty wont stay pale for long with those other gifts lol.look forward to your next post love from tim.


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