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Well, I have had a few emails and comments suggesting this idea, and if I may say so myself, it sounds like a cool idea. As you all know, I have a donations button on my page. I use this money to help me out with travel expenses and other costs that I may have to cover on my shoots. This blog is also a domain I paid for and so the money helps with the site costs as well. The more you give, the more you see. I am hoping to get back to the west coast again to work more with Clare and Chelsea and this money will help me a lot. So here is the plan. I have topless photos. Some are bondage, some glam. I have spoken with my photographer and he is cool with this idea. Anyone who donates a fair donation, I will personally email a few topless photos to. The larger the donation, the more photos you will receive. Sound fair? This might not be for everyone, so I understand if you can’t donate and it isn’t your thing. Since I don’t technically have my own paid site, this is the only way I feel that I can allow others to see me partially nude, since I don’t want the whole world to see.

Again, if this isn’t you thing, it is cool, if it is, that is awesome. Hope this pleases some of my dear fans.

Photo by DOB Photography

*Edited to add more detail*

Ok, here’s the deal. I have spoken with some of my fellow spanking buddies and I think that for every $25 donated I will send you 12 photos. So, if you were to donate $25, I would spread out my sending of photos to you over a month by sending three photos a week, kind of like being a member on a site. How’s that? I need you to promise though that my photos will not end up somewhere on the internet, please! I am going to put my name and a copyright across the photos as well, just so you know.

5 thoughts on “Note about donations

  1. Fuzzy Duck

    HI Sarah,

    I think that is a great idea I have been reading your blog for some time now but this is the first time I have replied to a post.

    If you could give us some idea of the amount you think is fair that we should donate.


  2. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–anyone trying to make up their mind about donating should look at the “Woodland Modeling” photos! I bet they’d decide to donate in a hurry!
    Good luck!

    Dr. Ken

  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Fuzzy Duck – Thank you!

    Alan – Glad you like it!

    Dr. Ken – I do wish I had topless pics from the woodland shoot, but I don’t and at the time thought it best not to, as that was and is not the kind of woodland frolicking I was going for. I was going for the implied nude sexy, but subtle look.

  4. Sidney

    While online access/opportunities may not be as frequent or available as desired, it is always astonishing how entertaining & generous you remain – more so than many pay-sites. It’s an honor for the opportunity to return the favor, and thrill anytime/every time a fan comes across you on the web … thanks.


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