Time for Birthday Spankings…

Well, I can hardly believe I am yet another year older. I swear I still feel like I am 21. But I feel like everyone feels younger than they are to some point. I am 25 today! Yay for me. I hope someone decides to give me a birthday spanking…we’ll see. If not on my birthday than I know a few people I could go to after the fact and insist. I will let you know. This coming weekend I am celebrating with a lot of my friends and I am looking forward to that a lot.


21 thoughts on “Time for Birthday Spankings…

  1. fred

    happy birthday sara I hope all your wishes come true and have a great day I know its against your better judgement but I live in framingham and would love nothing else but to make your wish come true

  2. Gord

    Happy 25th Sarah! I hope you get all the presents, and birthday spankings you want. Your fans only know you through your work in the scene, where your presence is OUR present.
    Take care, and enjoy the day!!!!!!

  3. tim salisbury

    Happy birthday Sarahhope you have a nice day birthday spanks to you sweetie watching you in auntie on girl spanks girlwith the new girl receiving big spanks from her .love from tim x

  4. halman99

    happy birthday sarah!!! best wishes to my favorite spankee!!! wish i was there to join in the festivities. hope your birthday is a memorable one. may you get all you wish for… (and 1 to grow on!).


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