It is confirmed….

That I am going to the Shadow Lane party. I have purchased my plane ticket and party ticket, so I will see you there. I can’t wait to meet those of you who will be attending and I can’t wait to see my spanking buddies who will be there.

My birthday party went really well. Besides drinking too much and being sick the whole next day (oops) I had a good time. We went to the strip club that I am a shot girl at and had a wild and crazy night.


Afterwards when we got home, I brought out all my spanking implements to show off to my friends…..yes I told my friends about it and my cousin. I talk when I am drunk….lol. Well I guess alot of people would. My cousins girlfriend and I had a little bit of fun playing with my implements. Although there were no “real” spankings involved as much as I wish there would have been….I sitll had fun showing off my wise array of spanking toys.



5 thoughts on “It is confirmed….

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love the pictures, and I am glad you had a good
    time on your birthday.Just how many spanking implements do you do you have, and have they
    all made contact with your butt??
    Take care
    Love AK

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