Crimson Moon Part 1

I had one hell of a f#@%&#@ good weekend and that is an understatement.

I met some new wonderful people and also had the pleasure of hanging out and seeing some good friends and other spankos I already know. I flew in on Wednesday night and Yoni and Mike picked me up from the airport. Tasha didn’t come with them as she wasn’t feeling well. I got to see her when we got back to the hotel. I missed her so much and it was grest to see her. I felt bad that she was sick for most of the weekend. However, we still managed to shoot a couple of scenes. Those photos will be up later. But enjoy this one of her and I.

Mike is one of the co-owners and original leaders of Chicago’s Crimson Moon spanking club. He is such the cool guy and we hit it off right away and became fast friends.

I had an easy flight, although the plane was so small I had to duck when I was walking down the isle. Luckily my pink laptop was fully charged so I had entertainment. if I didn’t have a laptop with me, I would not be able to fly as much as I do. It keeps me distracted from the anxiety I tend to get. It was so funny cause I bought a privacy shield that is a screen that slides over the computer screen so that onlookers cannot see what I am doing at my computer. When looking at it from an angle, the monitor appears dark and almost black. The gentleman sitting next to me commented and was curious as to how I was using my computer if it wasn’t on… Little did he know it was on and I was looking through…well quite the naughty photos. I also got to watch a few episodes from two of my favorite tv shows, Weeds, and The L Word.

Wednesday night was pretty uneventful. We went out to eat and then just had a relaxing night and unpacked, and hung out, and went for a swim in the hotel pool. I slept a long 12 hours and then went swimming again on Thursday afternoon.

My first two swats of the weekend were from who else, but Tasha and Yoni. They each got a cheek…heehee.

Thursday night was sort of a get to know you night. There wasn’t a specific theme for outfits, so I chose a cute short red and black plaid skirt with a matching black shirt.

Even though I have recently started getting spanked by men, I decided for this party that I was only going to play with women, as that was the kind of mood I was in and I wanted to get in the right head space and have a good time. I did play with a select few men whom I had met previously and had a history with and knew. Because playing with men doesn’t come as easily and naturally for me, that is the way I do it.


Surprisingly enough, there were many female tops and switches of whom to choose and I made sure to get as much play time in as I could.



Stay tuned for more later this week!

13 thoughts on “Crimson Moon Part 1

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Sounds like you had a great time at the Crimson Moon party.You look so cute in your red and
    black outfit,I love the look on your face in the
    picture above over the knee of the lady in blue.
    Looks like she did a fine job on your butt and
    got it to match your skirt.
    Have a great week
    Love AK

  2. BlueMark


    I’m just glad you are now open to the idea of being spanked by men and hopefully you will continue to become more comfortable with it. Just the fact that you will consider it means that I can now fantasize about getting your lovely bottom over my knee some day {grin}

    Glad you enjoyed Crimson Moon!


  3. tim

    wow sarah hot pics of you being spanked whos the girl in blue with you otk ?hows your new site getting on ?love and spanks from tim in u.k. xxx

  4. mike

    For those of you gentleman who have never met this lovely young lady, let me just say that Sarah is as wonderful to be around as you might think she is.
    I had a great time this weekend sweets, and believe me guys I enjoyed taking those picturesl


  5. maddo

    Hey Sarah. Love the photo’s. That red and black outfit really suits you, you look stunning in it! (Although even better out of it and being spanked lol!) 🙂 Lucky Tasha and Yoni too hehe!great to see you having so much fun.

  6. Spare the Rod and Spoil the GF

    You looked to be enjoying yourself, especially as a defense attorny. Did you get _any_ of your clients off their charges, by the way?

  7. Miss Amy Lynn

    Hey Sarah,

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Crimson Moon Party. I love the photo’s that you posted of us. I really enjoyed spanking your cute little bottom. Look forward to seeing you at the Shadow Lane Party…

    Miss Amy Lynn

  8. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    Hmmmm…that first photo looks awfully familiar….:-)
    It was a real pleasure getting to meet you and talk to you. I’m glad you enjoyed the CM party… the Crimson Mooners do know how to throw a good one!
    Come back to a Crimson Moon party anytime! We’d love to have you!

    Dr. Ken


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