Crimson Moon part 2

Friday night at Crimson Moon was a Pajama party. I was so excited because I love wearing cute PJs. The only problem was, which ones to wear. I think you will agree with me that I made a pretty good choice.


The night started with some fun games. For the dice game, I got to be the one who rolled the dice. There are two dice, one has numbers and one has implements….you see where I am going with this. Well, after rolling for everyone else, it was time I rolled and I think I rolled 25 and hand, so that is what I got.



I also had honor to hang out and get spanked in a room party where there was two handmade wooden racks with all of Ian, The London Tanner’s leather implements hanging on it. The man whose room it was, was very kind to allow me to try out almost all of his spanking implements that Ian had made for him. I choose a bunch of them to try out and I narrowed down my favorite to be the boudoir paddle, which I have a feeling I will be receiving real soon.


I also got to try out being strapped into the Dungeon Stanchion. I didn’t do any playing while in it, just felt what it was like to be strapped in and took a few photos. If Tasha was feeling better I would have loved to be strapped into it naked and have her playing with me and spanking me. Just thinking about that is turning me on…whew!



I had a really good time tonight despite Tasha still being sick.

The next day was the Vendor’s fair. I had a table that was all mine to set up and sell my DVDs and also promote my blog. I sold quite a few DVDs and talked to a lot of people. I also signed a lot of autographs on the DVDs. I had a really fun time.


Don’t forget, you can still order the DVD from me by emailing me at and letting m,e know you would like one. It is $39.00 plus $4.95 for shipping if you live in the United States. It is an hour long with 6 spanking scenes and very worth it.
I am actually going to put some of the money from the DVD sales towards the start up fees that my upcoming paysite will have.

Saturday night was Spanking court, Yoni’s Birthday, and more fun times. Those tales will come in part 3.

11 thoughts on “Crimson Moon part 2

  1. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–You were kind enough to autograph my DVD, and it it now a treasured possession.
    And for the record, let me just say that the DVD is FANTASTIC! Everybody needs to buy one!

    No, seriously–EVERYBODY!

    Dr. Ken

  2. LordHardHand


    You look wonderful strapped to the Dungeon Stanchion. We need to see the pic of you getting spanked while tied to that.

  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Dr. Ken – You are so welcome. And I am so glad that you liked it. It was so nice to finally meet you.

    Tim – Not until at least late October, if that.

    Clare – Are you talking about the one of my at my vending table?

    nooch – Actually I didn’t loose any weight, maybe toned a little more?? Thanks though.

    LHH – I would have loved that, if Tasha was well it would have happened.

    Dave – Thank you, I like that one a lot too!

    crystal – Thank you so much!


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