Yes, I know it is way past the party, but I have been super busy this summer and so it has been hard to keep up and post as much as I would love to do. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Strictly Spanking New York party. I had a great time and got spanked by many people. I stayed at my good friends Tasha Lee and Yoni’s apartment.


As you have read earlier in my blog, Tasha and I have a special connection and I just love being around her. She is a beautiful, sexy, smart, and funny gal.

Yoni is so kind and a great friend. Can you believe I even asked him for my bedtime spanking my first night there as Tasha was feeling tired and needed to go to bed early. Yes, I am getting more used to men spanking me. Although it is not sexual at all for me, there is something about the dynamic that is very paternal that I could get used to. He did spank very hard though and as much as I can take in the videos is not what I always prefer to take in real life. In a video, my adrenaline is going and I seem to be able to take more due to that. When getting spanked in real like, I like a lighter more therapeutic spanking.

I also had the pleasure of seeing one of my best friends and spanking buddies, Amber Pixie wells of Punished Brats.

I also got to see an get spanked by someone I had met at an earlier party, Ian The famous London Tanner.


Tasha wasn;t feeling well so she decided to stay home and rest while Yoni and I attended the party. She was nice and rested up and feeling better when we got home, so yes, her and I had some fun.




This coming weekend I attend Chicago Crimson Moon with who else but Tasha and Yoni. I am very excited to see them both again. I will also be seeing my good friend Audrey Knight and hopefully doing some shooting with her as well.

Don’t forget: You can still purchase the hour long video of me and Dana Specht. Read about it here in this post Email me at for your copy today.


5 thoughts on “SSNY

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I love the pictures especially the ones with you and
    Pixie.It also looks like you had a really good time
    and got your butt spanked nice and red.
    I hope you have not given up on a PO box so we can
    let you know how much we love you.
    Take care
    Love AK

  2. Dave

    oh my! as always, exquisite photos. the ones of you and Tasha are wonderful and very loving.


    p.s. Digging your jean-shorts btw! 🙂

  3. tim

    Sarah great pics as usual that new vid looks good ,how is your website progressing along now ////?—-love and spanks from tim xxx

  4. Dr. Ken

    Tasha and Yoni are two of the nicest people in the world. I’m glad you met up with them.

    I look forward to meeting you at Crimson Moon.

    Dr. Ken


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