California Part 3

Sorry that it seems to be taking me quite a long time to get this story out. I have been so busy with back to back photo shoots all week and also I was away in New York at SSNY this past weekend and will have to tell you about that in my next post.

So, on with my adventures on the West Coast.

My last stop was with Chelsea Pfeiffer. I had done shooting for her many times in the past, but had never gotten the opportunity to stay at her place and spend a lot of time together. Chelsea and I had a blast. She is a very wonderful woman and has a lot of good advice to offer. That is one thing about this last vacation out to California…..all of the people I stayed with and spent time with had very good advice to give me abut my life and where it is going and offered many strong words of encouragement. I often question my choices in life and whether I am making the right ones, and to have such great friends such as those I have written about here, really helps me.

When I arrived at Chelsea’s place, we hung out and talked for a bit while we waited to go to dinner. We went to a really yummy Mexican restaurant. I had some of the best Mexican food and a very delicious frozen strawberry margarita. When we got back form dinner, Chelsea and I went up on her roof and sat under the moonlight and talked. It was a beautiful night, not too cold, but just a little breezy. It felt like the warm winter nights I know so much. I felt calm, relaxed, and at ease. It was me, Chelsea, the night air, and our thoughts. I wish I could have captured that moment in a bottle so I could re-live it over and over when I just want to go back there. We were up there for at least an hour. Eventually we went downstairs as it was late and we both needed sleep.


The next day, I slept in until my usual time, around 1pm. When Chelsea got back from Yoga I was up and almost ready to shoot. We had lunch, finished getting ready and spent the afternoon filming some wonderful scenes for Good Spanking. Her husband is a great camera guy and really knows how to make the video come pout great from the artistic point of view.

We did two scenes. One was our own version of something reminiscent of the movie Secretary. It is called, Deliberate Provocation. It was really fun for me to play the role of a secretary. For all of the previous spanking films I was in, as far as I can remember, I hadn’t played the part of an adult. I was either, the bratty teenage type, daughter, niece, college aged brat, school girl, cheerleader, ect. In this video I was a grown adult getting a spanking from her female boss and not only that, but a well deserved and quite provoked I might add. A new role for me to take on and it was fun. I let loose a little more sexually than usual for me at the end. When Chelsea grabbed my hair and threw me down bent over the desk…there was definitely something quite erotic for me about that. Then when the spanking was over, she stood behind me, stood me upright, my skirt still lifted over my red and sore bottom, and felt up my boobs from the outside of my low-cut, tight, white, slightly unbuttoned shirt. Well, let”s just say…HOT! I must admit, I was taken back at first when she grabbed them, but it is something that I settled into the idea of quite quickly and would totally have kept going a little more if enticed.

Enjoy these sneak peak photos. Deliberate Provocation is NOW available on Good Spanking.


In the second scene we did, I played the past of a stuck up, and bitchy model.


Totally the opposite of me in real life. Chelsea was my photographer and I wasn’t following her directions at all and wanted to do things my way. Well, that didn’t fly with Miss Pfeiffer, and so she decided to take things into her hands, her way.

And teach a bratty oppositional model a lesson the hard way…



After getting a red bottom, that model learned to listen and do as she was told.

After our shooting, Chelsea and I went out and did some food shopping. I love fish, so she splurged and bought the best salmon ever that is not available all year round. It was so yummy. Chelsea is quite the chef as well.

We ended the night with what else, but a movie…and the perfect choice at that. And yes, we had to go to two stores to find it and ended up having to buy it as Blockbuster didn’t have it in. The last person who rented it never returned it. Hmmmmm….I wonder why…lol!

7 thoughts on “California Part 3

  1. Funbun

    A wonderful combination, you and Chelsea. Love you both for what you’re doing.
    Chelsea is such a great spanker and I like to see you in the role of a spankee…
    ((((Hugs)))) to both of you,


  2. Erica

    How fun! Don’t you just love Chelsea? Sounds like you two had a blast. Next time you’re in CA, if you have a spare minute or two, we should have lunch!

    Take care, pretty girl. 🙂

  3. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    Sounds like a wonderful trip out West. Good friends, good company, good spankings, and good times!
    Who could ask for more?

    Dr. Ken

  4. tim

    wow Sarah lovely pics you look hot,hot in your bikini by chelseas swimming pool ,and of course your botty was hot,hot soon afterwards lol. look forward to watching the vid .hows your website progressing ?love and spanks Sarah from tim xx

  5. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Clare – I am looking forward to it.

    Funbun – Thank you, I always appreciate your feedback. Chelsea is a great spanker indeed.

    Erica – Yes, we must have lunch,l that would be nice.

    Dr. Ken – It was so wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for more.

    Tim – Thank you. The site is coming along slow for now as I am doing it myself and have been very very busy.


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