California Part 2

My next stop was the beautiful Carmel. I took a short flight from LA to Carmel where the lovely Dana Specht picked me up.

I had a wonderful time hanging out, sight seeing, and of course getting spanked.

We shot an hour long video called “Sarah’s Summer Spankings” Which you can purchase on DVD from me directly for $39 plus shipping. If you are interested in purchasing a DVD please email me at

As you know, I am in the process of designing my own pay site where I will be putting up tons of new photo galleries and video clips every week. So, if you don’t buy the video now, you will be able to join my site when it is ready and view the clips there.

Sarah’s Summer Spankings
Starring: Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht
Length: 59 minutes
Price: $39 (pay by cash or paypal) plus shipping
Synopsis: Sarah is sent to spend the summer with her strict Aunt Dana. Sarah has an attitude problem and seems to always find ways to misbehave. Her mother has had it with her and has entrusted Aunt Dana to correct the unwanted behaviors the old fashioned way. Aunt Dana believes that there is no problem that a good over the knee bare bottomed spanking won’t fix. Not only does Sarah get spanked on her bare bottom by hand, she gets the wooden hair brush and the wooden ruler. Watch Sarah get spanked and cry out in pain on six different occasions while at Aunt Dana’s.

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I absolutely loved Carmel. Besides the weather being a bit chilly and foggy most of the time, I got some beautiful photos of flowers.

And get this….I saw this statue of a man and woman sitting on a bench and I of course being the spanko that I am saw this as a spanking photo opportunity. I just had to try and lay across their laps. As I was laying there, a group of about 6 people walked by and started laughing. One of the ladies said, “Look, she is getting a spanking.” They couldn’t stop laughing, it was great. Little did they know who I It was so funny.

After I got back from, Carmel, Clare Fonda of Girl Spanks Girl and many other popular spanking sites, picked me up at the airport. I wasn’t going to be shooting for her, but just spending one night at her house between my shoots, so we still sneaked a spanking photo at least.

She is one of my good friends as well as a spanking producer I work for. I just love her to death.

We had a great time. I got to see her new house for the first time and meet her new dogs as well as see her dogs, Maxxxi and Goblin. She does a lot of work for the animal rescue league and has a dog named Sissy right now that she is trying to find a home for.


We also watched this crazy old horror movie from the 1970s called, The SinFul Dwarf. When I say crazy weird and $%#@ed up, I mean it. They got away with so much back then. Today this would be considered x-rated porn. For anyone who wants to see naked skinny women chained up and being given injections of heroin and having sex with strange men, I mean getting raped by them…this is the movie for you. I had no idea what I was getting myself into by watching this move, but hey, it wasn’t my pick. I can’t say I hated the movie, but the story was totally way to out there. The girls were attractive and seeing nude woman in movies is always a plus for me. I was more into the wanting to find out what happened after the girls were saved. I wanted to see them go to rehab and reconnect with their families, but I guess it wasn’t that type of film.

Stay tuned next week for more adventures with Chelsea Pfeiffer of Good Spanking.

7 thoughts on “California Part 2

  1. Clare

    Sarah, First of all it is no surprise you sold a picture as you have taken some incredible pictures of my animals that I treasure – really captured their doggie essence. I would buy those pics so thanks for the freebies. Also I love your take on The Sinful Dwarf. You told it as it was. I think I have a “watch fucked up flicks with Sarah Gregory” I found out it was made with Danish porn stars and later dubbed. There is no part two so I wil have to expose youto Femme De Sade on your next visit, which apparently contains a “fourgy”

  2. tim

    sarah great pics of you otk .different knees being spanked,love the statue one with the couple watching lol.Yes Clare does a lot for our doggy friends bless her love and spanks, tim xx

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    The pictures above are great and you are as
    gorgeous as ever.Glad you had a good time on
    your California trip.
    When is your next visit to Punished Brats?? I just
    love watching you and Pixie being naughty and
    getting your butts spanked.
    Have a great weekend
    Love AK

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  5. Ron C

    Awesome shots of two other favorite laps, I would love to meet all of you but great work. Hope you enjoyed!


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