Just a bit of Vanilla news

Before I tell you about the next part of my California adventures I wanted to tell you something vanilla. So, as you know from my previous post, I had two of my photographs in the arts festival this past weekend. Well, one of them sold. I have never sold any of my art before, so this is very exciting for me. This is the photo that sold.


6 thoughts on “Just a bit of Vanilla news

  1. Doug

    Great photo! Congratulations on having it sold in the arts festival. First time I’ve ever seen a seal saying “Cheese.” You’re an excellent photographer and you should try to sell more of your work.

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Congratulations on the sale of the seal, it a wonderful picture. Where did you take it???
    Sorry about the comment above I hit the
    wrong button.
    Take care
    Love AK

  3. maddo

    Congratulations Sarah. That is a very good photo! it looks like you have a fair talent there.Keep it up that is good work. 🙂


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