California Part 1


Well, I have had one fun and adventurous time in California. I got to hang out with many of my friends from the spanking production world and also shoot with some I had done wok with before and some I had not done work with before.

I am sitting here on my first of three connecting flights home. I will have time to get this up online at my next layover. I have to fly from Burbank to Salt Lake City to New York then finally to Connecticut. Then I have to get all packed up and drive to my mom’s house where I will be spending the July 4th weekend. July 4th is one of my favorite holidays and this year both photographs I entered into the festival were accepted and will be on display to the public for the weekend.

In the early stages of my vacation I did some cheesecake shoots and spanking clips with a new model, Cameron Dawn. She has done some work on Spank that Brat. She is such a beautiful and outgoing girl. I hope to work with her again one day. She has quite the spankable bottom and although I am not a top in the social spanking world, I did enjoy spanking her.



My next stop was to Hollywood to spend a few nights with the beautiful and amazing Mistress Stephanie Locke.

Since meeting her at the Shadow Lane Party in March and having the extremely wonderful experience with her, I could not wait to see her. I have this feeling with her of a strong connection like I have known her forever. I felt so comfortable at her house and just felt at home in a way.

When I arrived, we took a drive with the video camera and still camera along Mulholland drive and all throughout the Hollywood Hills.


This was a favorite of ours. It captures the ‘golden hour’ with the sun so well and if I may say so myself….I think my bottom looks great too.

For those of you who are familiar with Stephanie’s Amsterdam adventures with Clare Fonda, you will be very happy to hear that yes, there will be another youtube video called “Hand Spanking in the Hollywood Hills.” Once edited we plan to put this up for free as a preview on youtube, but then put a full version with panties down in a members site. Which brings me to my big news…

My new member’s website is currently in the making. I have been offered a few partner-ships, which I have turned down as I have decided that I want this site to be mine and all mine. I am going to run it myself and if I find I need help here and there I have a few friends and other production companies that are there for me to ask questions and offer advice. I have bought my domain and I plan on having my site up and running by mid-August in time for the Labor day Shadow Lane party. I have learned Final Cut pro, Photo Shop, and am in the process of learning Dreamweaver. I will be handling the customer service, video/photo editing, updates, and being the talent and face of the site I am so excited to finally be able to do this. I have been saving my money and learning all the skills I need for sometime now. I know it will be a lot of work, but I am excited and passionate and want to put my all into it and build it to be something I am proud of and something that you will all want to join and watch me continue to grow. I will keep you updated more on this as it becomes live and available for you to join.

Getting back to my time with Stephanie…
I really want to tell you about my sleeping arrangements while traveling, as they were so different. While with Cameron, I shared a bed with her, then at Stephanie’s; I slept in her dungeon on the bondage bed….lol. So for those of you who have had session with her at her home, you will know what I am talking about. There were many different implements hanging behind the door and in a basket on the floor. There is a huge mirror with a horse bench thing in front of it. The room was painted red with beautiful velvet black curtains hanging to cover the windows to the outside. It is a really beautiful in home dungeon. The bed was a little hard, but with a big comforter, it was made into a nice little bed. I am also realll an animal person, so I enjoyed getting to know her cute little dog and cat. The cat by the way kept me company one of the nights. My father is a vet, so I grew up with animals and I seem to have a strong bond right away with many that I come into contact with.

I also learned about my easy ability to be in tickling videos. I had always been scared of this idea because I am one of the most ticklish people and have been ever since I was a kid. Childhood babysitters had so much fun with that. Like spanking, it can be a young and innocent act. While spanked, I enjoy being the little girl over mommies knee. Getting tickled is quite innocent for me as well. It brings back childhood memories of camp counselors tickling me and giving me the “most ticklish camper” award at the end of the summer. Although spanking and tickling can be erotic and hard core and so much more, when I do it on film, I choose to stay within the realm of the innocent, disciplinary, and playfulness factors. Right away Stephanie noticed my tickling star quality and suggested that a good career move for me would be to start doing tickling videos. I have sent some emails out and hopefully that will work out. What do you think? View a short clip we put together on youtube as my first time being tickled on film.

Stephanie and I filmed some really good spanking clips and a cute tickled Ballerina clip that will be available in my clips4sale store and Mistress Stephanie’s website as soon as they are edited.

Here are some sneak peak photos.



I have so many photos I want to post and so much to say I have to spread it out. Stay tuned for more on my trip later in the week.

But here are a couple more from the public spankings with Stephanie.


8 thoughts on “California Part 1

  1. D

    I can’t wait to see your tickling video. As I’ve told you before, I think you have beautiful feet. I would love to see your feet worshipped (kissed, licked, sucked) by another woman. Is that something you’ve ever considered?

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I just love the pictures and I am so glad you had
    a good time.
    When Stephanie spanked outdoors where there
    any spectators around to see the fun??
    Have a great time at your mothers for the July 4th
    holiday and I would love to see the photo’s that
    you entered in the festival.
    I also think it would be a good idea for you to
    open a PO box so you could receive gifts from
    your admirers.
    Have a great July 4th
    Love AK

  3. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    I see you as one of the TOP spankees of this very moment and I’m sure your website will become very successful…! 🙂
    Don’t under-estimate the huge workload you’re putting on your shoulders..!
    Brave to go it alone…! 🙂

    ((((Hugs)))) Erik aka Funbun

  4. Fuzzy Duck

    Hi Sarah

    Great news to hear about the web site will look forward to seeing that. I take it, it will be a paid membership site


  5. Sarah Gregory Post author

    D – I have not considered that, but thanks for the idea, maybe one day.

    AK – Yes there were spectators…it was so hard timing it just right and waiting for one person to walk away before another would come towards. One guy even saw something at one of the places and tried to stay around to watch more by pretending like he was just trying to take as many photos of his girlfriend as possible in every possible spot…lol. Eventually Stephanie offered to take a photo for them of them together and then they left. It was so nerve racking and I would be like…ok, there are people coming and she would keep going and get that one more whack in there. I was laughing and all nervous. And good idea about the PO box, I will look into that when I get home.

    FunBun – Thank you Erik. I know and trust me, I am very nervous but determined.

    Fuzzy Duck – yes, it will be paid.

  6. maddo

    Hey Sarah, that is big news, your very own site hehe! 🙂 I will look forward to seeing it ,am sure you will do a great job. congrats and good luck 🙂

  7. tim

    Sarah great photos you had a spanking good time lol.your website sounds exciting shall look in to joining it when it opens will you spank and be spanked by other cute girls with story lines please keep us in touch over developments ,love and spanks from tim xx

  8. Ron C

    Hi, I am a SSNY member. Just wanted to comment Ms. Locke was my mentor as a bottom and then later as a lap. She is the best, I hold her in my heart always and the pics of the two of you are amazing, congratulations, is she still a hard spanker? I am a huge fan, loved the vid from the SSNY party on Houndog! Two of the best together.
    Thanks for sharing and be well.



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