Strictmoor Academy Year 1 – Coming in this month!!!

So the long awaited release of this amazing 1950s domestic/school themes long epic will soon be available to purchase on DVD as a 2-DVD set!


This film is nearly 3 hours, and 12 scenes. The scenes will also be released on Sarah Gregory Spanking starting November 24th and Momma Spankings, December 5th. Because some of the scenes deal with traditional school discipline, those will be released on Sarah Gregory Spanking.


The scenes dealing with maternal domestic discipline will be released on Momma Spankings.


The scenes will also begin to come out on my CLIP STORE in late November. Because the film is so long (and too large of a file), the only way to get the FULL video in one place will be on DVD. Disc 1 (Scene 1-6) will be $29 and Disc 2 (Scene 7-12, with a 13th bonus scene) will be $29 and the 2-Disc Set will be $49.

The film will also be released on my Momma’s site, DANASPECHT.COM!

This video includes everything from over the knee traditional bare bottom spanking, to hand rulering, mouth soaping, black and white flashback spankings, and scolding. There are bedtime spankings classroom public spankings, and hairbrush spankings. There are spankings over girdles and over traditional school gym knickers.


The cast of bottoms includes, Adriana Evans, Stevie Rose, Harley Havik, Linny Lace, Ami Mercury, Jordanna Leigh, Bianca Rose, and myself. The tops include, Dana Specht, Miss Anna, and Tasha Lee.


We are proud to announce that we will begin the filming and production of Strictmoor Academy’s Seat of Learning Year 2 within the next few weeks. We expect this to be a yearly ongoing series with new girls each year along with some returning students. More on the upcoming production and cast to come!!!


I am so so excited to introduce Ava Nicole (aka Ava Panda) to MOMMA SPANKINGS this week! We had the opportunity to film with her at this last Shadowlane Spanking Party in Vegas and got some killer content. I am also excited that she will be coming to Connecticut this fall to work with me again with her good friend and my friend, Adriana Evans. In her debut video, I play her mommy and she has been quite a little brat. In a couple weeks daddy (John Osborne) will be dealing with her on Sarah Gregory Spanking as after her punishment from mommy she is made to wait in her room for daddy!

Ava has just been an all around bratty little girl and mommy has had it. Mommy calls Ava in, scolds her and then takes her over the knee for a spanking. Ava is spanked over her cute dress, on her tight fitting floral panties, and then on the bare bottom. Then mommy makes her ask for the hairbrush and makes he say that she deserves it since she is such a naughty girl. Mommy spanks Ava’s already sore red bottom with the Mason Pearson hairbrush. After mommy disciplines her naughty daughter, she is sent to her room to wait for her father.

ava_the_brat_00009ava_the_brat_00020 Sarah Gregory Spanking ava_the_brat_gif1 Ava Nicole Spanked ava_the_brat_00039  ava_the_brat_00058 ava_the_brat_00069 ava_the_brat_00075 hairbrush spanking ava_the_brat_00081 ava_the_brat_00087 Spanking ava_the_brat_gif2 Red Bottom spanking You can also purchase this clip at MY CLIPS STOREHERE!

Expect LOTS more of Ava Nicole to come to the sites!!!!!

New Momma Spankings Talent!

I am so excited to let everyone know that I have two NEW female tops that I have recently added to MOMMA SPANKINGS. I have just gotten back from the SHADOWLANE spanking party where I filmed for the first time with both of these talented women. The first I want to introduce is Samantha Baker. Now here is a pretty amazing woman I have know for many many years. She is not new to the spanking scene as she has been attending Shadowlane for years. In fact she is also their official hostess. We have played a number of times off camera and it had always been my dream to do a mommy daughter video with her. She looks like and plays the perfect strict mommy. I cannot tell you how thrilled and excited I was when she said YES she wanted to make her first video. She did say it was a one time thing, however, the film is getting a really good response and selling well, so I hope very much that she will at least do another couple with me 🙂

The film is called, “Spanked Before School” and went up last week on MOMMA SPANKINGS.

Oh… & of course it’s a pity those who love to pirate my films use this blog to advertise what they want without paying for it, but there you go! 🙁

Introducing new top, Samantha in this traditional mommy daughter film. Sarah doesn’t want to go to school as she didn’t study for her test. Mommy takes her temperature rectally (how humiliating!) as she says this is the most accurate way. Sarah is lying, she has no fever and mommy is very upset. She takes her naughty daughter over her knee for a spanking over her PJs, then on the bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Then she puts her on all fours for the slipper. Sarah is humiliated, and one sorry little girl. I don’t think she will be lying to mommy again.

spanked_before_school_01spanked_before_school_00017spanked_before_school_00026 spanked_before_school_00036spanked_before_school_00049 spanked_before_school_00050spanked_before_school_00061 spanked_before_school_00065Spankingspanked_before_school_gif1Sarah Gregory SpankedHairbrush Spankingspanked_before_school_16 spanked_before_school_17spanked_before_school_gif2Spanked

You can also purchase this clip alone without joining the site at my CLIPS4SALE Store!


The next new female top I am introducing is a pretty neat lady that I met at the summer Crimson Moon Party, Miss Elizabeth. I had seen her on the list of attendees on Fetlife and reached out to her with a message because I felt she had a really good “mommy” look for the site and she had experience as a pro-somme. Turns out I was right. The acting/role play came so naturally to her. She was so excited to start her view career and I was thrilled to have her. I paired her up with myself, Stevie Rose, and Adriana Evans as I know these two ladies can take it good and i wanted to see all she can dish out as a strict mom. She did great and I think you all will enjoy her very much as an addition to the site. I filmed 4 films with her at the Shadowlane Party and am already planning to shoot with her more in future months. Here is her premier film just posted to MOMMA SPANKINGS this week! “Adriana’s Attitude Adjustment”

Adriana has been nothing but a sassy little brat to her mom and mommy is pissed off. Adriana is to be taught a lesson over strict mom’s knee with a spanking on her PJ shorts, then on her bare bottom. When the sassy back talk still continues, mommy makes her ask for the hairbrush. It is only then when the hard wooden hairbrush is coming down on poor Adriana’s bottom that she is promising she will never have a bad attitude with mom again.” 

adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00007adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00009 adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00011adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00012 adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00015Adriana Evans Spankedadrianas_attitude_adjustment_gif1adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00026adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00034 adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00044adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00068 adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00059adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00077 adrianas_attitude_adjustment_00082Hairbrush Spankingadrianas_attitude_adjustment_gif2SpankingsDiscipline

This video can also be purchased at my CLIPS4SALE STORE!


I hope to film Elizabeth next with Alex Reynolds and of course more with Stevie, Adriana and of course myself giving us all lots of spankings.

HOT Cheerleader Spankings!

I haven’t done a promotional post in awhile and I am so excited about this week’s Cheerleader Spankings update, so why not now? It had been year’s since I filmed Jordana Leigh and we were so excited to film with her again. I had to get her into my newest and cutest cheer uniform. I was saving it for the right time and it fit her and worked with her perfectly. I love the way it just pops and the yellow on it. I think I have a thing for yellow cheer uniforms now lol. What do you thinK? Doesn’t she just look perfect in it?

spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_001spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_005 spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_015

In the latest film at Cheerleader Spankings, Jordana plays my rival cheerleader who was caught by me secretly videoing one of my squad’s routines for the upcoming finals. I take her to my office where I discipline my own girls in my own unique fashion. If Jordana wanted to know why our squad was so good then she was about to find out the hard way – with bare bottom spankings and paddling! – Don’t forget you can also buy the film as a one time download at my CHEER clips4sale store.

spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_023spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_025 spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_042spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_041spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_064spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_098spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_100 spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_110spanked_paddled_cheerleader_19

Also if you missed last week’s update, you should go and check it out! It was a VERY hard spanking and caning of Stevie Rose!