HOT Cheerleader Spankings!

I haven’t done a promotional post in awhile and I am so excited about this week’s Cheerleader Spankings update, so why not now? It had been year’s since I filmed Jordana Leigh and we were so excited to film with her again. I had to get her into my newest and cutest cheer uniform. I was saving it for the right time and it fit her and worked with her perfectly. I love the way it just pops and the yellow on it. I think I have a thing for yellow cheer uniforms now lol. What do you thinK? Doesn’t she just look perfect in it?

spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_001spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_005 spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_015

In the latest film at Cheerleader Spankings, Jordana plays my rival cheerleader who was caught by me secretly videoing one of my squad’s routines for the upcoming finals. I take her to my office where I discipline my own girls in my own unique fashion. If Jordana wanted to know why our squad was so good then she was about to find out the hard way – with bare bottom spankings and paddling! – Don’t forget you can also buy the film as a one time download at my CHEER clips4sale store.

spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_023spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_025 spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_042spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_041spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_064spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_098spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_100 spanked_and_paddled_cheerleader_110spanked_paddled_cheerleader_19

Also if you missed last week’s update, you should go and check it out! It was a VERY hard spanking and caning of Stevie Rose!


One thought on “HOT Cheerleader Spankings!

  1. Tim

    Yes she is a cute girl ,great site of yours happy for you it is such a great success for you with lovely girls ,have nt seen Christy for a while ,best spanks Tim .


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