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Spanking Sarah Gregory

Sarah Tops and Bottoms this week!

April 7th, 2015 · 1 Comment

This week I bring you two new videos to Sarah Gregory Spanking and Momma Spankings.

On Sarah Gregory Spanking we see Angel Lee again as a top and bottom all in the same film. This was fun to film as the characteer I played is very close to me. Here is a description and I am hoping you will see why. This video also stars my man, John Osborne of AAASpanking.

Sarah Gregory and Angel are playing at a spanking party. Angel is giving Sarah a nice sensual spanking and Sarah thinks that’s all it is. All of a sudden Angel starts to spank her a little harder than planned. Angel is sick of hearing Sarah say, “Don’t Mark me, I have a shoot.” People pretty much know that as the “Sarah Gregory saying.” What Angel doesn’t know is that Sarah’s boyfriend, John, will be back soon. When he walks in on Sarah upset about being spanked harder than she wanted he is not too happy with Angel so he gives her a taste of her own medicine.






Then of  totally different nature Momma Spankings Presents the adorable Spanking model, Christy Cutie in Daytime Spanking, Bedtime Spanking.” Sarah plays Mommy to her naughty daughter in this very cute age play spanking film.

Mommy is very disappointed when she gets a call from daddy that their daughter, Christy, has put her life at risk by disappearing in the neighborhood long enough to cause worry. Mommy and Daddy decide that spanking is the best way to handle this, but Christy doesn’t like this one bit. Mommy assures Christy that she loves her and is doing this for her own good.






Also, if you haven’t heard about the amazing Spanking Party I am running in Houston Texas, click the banner to find out all about it!


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Real Tears and Spankings

March 27th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Last week on Sarah Gregory Spanking and this week on Momma Spankings, I bring you two NEW videos that each feature REAL TEARS.

First on Sarah Gregory Spanking, I bring you “Isobel’s Real Tears.”  This video also stars my man, John Osborne. This is an incredible video, probably my most favorite one we shot at last year’s Fetishcon. One of my favorite spanking models is Isoblel Wren. Not because she is on every spanking site and does it all the time, but because she loves spanking, marks up beautifully, and it gets very real reaction from her. Because of this she can only handle a few videos in one day as she gets so emotionally into it. This video really drained her as she needed a good cry it seemed. She even felt bad and during a cut apologized for crying and we said, “no it is great and sells and it real, never apologize for being real and genuine,”  Which is just how I would describe this girl, real and genuine. I love her to bits and would shoot with her any day.

“Daddy is very disappointed when he finds his sweet daughter checked into a hotel on his credit card attending a fetish convention. He is appalled at what he sees just walking up to the room. Isobel is shocked that her dad has discovered her secret of being a spanking model. Yes she can take a spanking, but to disappoint her loving daddy brings real tears to her eyes. The Humiliation, embarrassment, and shame she feels are unbearable, not to mention she has betrayed her dad’s trust.”







Keeping with the theme of REAL TEARS, I bring you another fabulous classic Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht film on Momma Spankings, The Disappointing Daughter. We just filmed this video in Las Vegas. I was feeling very stressed out due to multiple reasons and just needed a good cry to be honest. Momma Dana has a way of getting me there. My boyfriend, John, was the camera man for this film and got some incredible HOT angles, Thanks Baby. This video is also available on

“Sarah is out way past her curfew again and Momma sits up and waits for her with a leather strap on her lap ready to take action. As usual Sarah gives Momma a lame excuse but to no avail. She is flipped over Momma’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking and an OTK strapping then sent to her room to get her pajamas on to be punished further. A strict on the bed strapping ensues while she struggles on the bed and cries real tears, leaving her pretty bottom red, welted and very sore.”










More awesome updates coming in the next week to the sites of Sarah Gregory.

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My New Kinky Store!!!!

March 19th, 2015 · 3 Comments

Fetlife Store and Ebay Store coming soon. But I am now selling some cool vintage items as well as the paddles and t-shirts that I design on Etsy. I have also put up some other fun treasures you may want to buy.




Also please enjoy these photos from a couple of recent shoots.

I was honored to work with PD Media Photography as he works together with a very talented digital artist and they did this.

IMG_9012_ace_ jra PDM_sma


I also had an amazing beach shoot with JTP Photography in San Diego!!




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New updates on Momma and SGS

February 25th, 2015 · 2 Comments

This week I bring two new videos. On Sarah Gregory Spanking I have put up a film from a few years back that hadn’t ever been released yet. I have so much content shot that I release older stuff and newer stuff interspersed together for variety. I always try to make sure the f/f and m/f are spread out evenly and the ones I am topping in. This week I put out “Drunk on Vacation Again!” Starring me, my daddy, and Whitney Morgan. This was shot back when I was blonde and we were all in Florida doing some shooting. Whitney and I played blonde cousins in this fun film.

“Sarah and her cousin Whitney are at it once again. While on vacation they stay out late drinking and getting up to no good. Daddy isn’t happy to find his daughter and niece at this same naughty behavior once again as in the previous film, Drunk on Vacation.”





On my other website, Momma Spankings, I introduce Lily Swan. Lily was actually my ex-girlfriend. We were always planning to shoot together for my sites, but then we broke up and it took me awhile to be comfortable on film with her. It was a little weird to spank her on film since our relationship was with me as the sub, but after the first couple of films it felt ok. We do have a good time together and get along great. In this film, I played Lily’s mom.

“Mommy is not happy that her daughter has been misbehaving. Lily has been drawing on the walls at home, running in the house, not putting her toys away and bullying the other kids at school. Mommy spanks her naughty daughter over her drop seat Pjs and then pulls the drop seat down to spank her on the bare with hand, hairbrush, and spoon.”








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Birthday Spankings

February 9th, 2015 · 7 Comments

I guess this is the first year I have not actually filmed my birthday spanking, well I guess it was because it was a bit too intimate for me to put out there. It was a good time and I did get it kind of hard, that is before the more intimate fun. I also had an awesome birthday party last night. My good friend Robert came out, Justin was there, and obviously my man, John. There were also a bunch of vanilla people so we couldn’t get kinky……. :( but more time for that to come as we have some amazing shoots planned this week with Lily Swan and Joelle Barros. Some Hot f/f spankings for Sarah Gregory Spanking and more videos for Momma Spankings with me as mommy.

Here are a few photos from my Birthday!!





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Fun Photo Shoot with Alan Pedroso

February 3rd, 2015 · 2 Comments

Well, I am winding down my Miami trip and preparing to head back to cold and snowy Connecticut tomorrow as I want to be there when my sweetie, John, arrives. We are going to be celebrating my Birthday since it is Thursday. Lots of yummy Birthday spankings in store for me and my party is Saturday.

My Miami trip wasn’t as much as I had expected as the weather was pretty cloudy and mild and most of my sessions cancelled. So it was pretty disappointing. I had some good times with Johnny though and an awesome photo shoot as usual with one of my favorite photographers, Alan Pedroso. I have been shooting with him for years and we always collaborate on some really cool works of art. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. He gives me all the photos so I can edit the ones I like, so these are edited by me and taken by him. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full photo!




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Step Daughters and Slumber Parties

January 17th, 2015 · 3 Comments

What’s New these days on my sites? This week  one of my favorite videos is on Sarah Gregory Spanking. It stars Amelia Jane Rutherford, me, and my man. Last time I was in England we hired Amelia for a day and this video is one from that day. I have a thing for PJ spankings. I just love getting spanked in PJs. so here is a HOT PJ Spanking video called ‘Slumber Party Spankings’ this week on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah has snuck her friend Amelia in for a sleep-over. Daddy doesn’t know and has made it clear no sleep-overs. When Daddy discovers Sarah has Amelia there he shows Amelia what happens when his daughter lies to him, a bare bottom spanking. Amelia will get the same punishment and is not happy at all about this at all.










On Momma Spankings we have yet another video where I spank a naughty young lady. I play step-mom to Stevie Rose, she is a super cute spankable blonde. I have been really enjoying playing the mom character lately. I am planning a few more videos in the near future similar to this one. This video is called Step Daughter Spanked.

Step Mom Sarah is not happy when her step daughter is brought up from the casino to their hotel room. She has been gambling and is under age. Daddy has given Sarah full permission to punish this naughty girl as she sees fit. Stevie is taken OTK and give a spanking over her tight shorts and then on the bare bottom before ending with a hard hairbrush spanking.






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