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Spanking Sarah Gregory

New Spanking Updates and news

October 16th, 2015 · 3 Comments

We have some amazing new videos on The sites. On Sarah Gregory Spanking see the Lovely Adriana Evans in Sleazy Stripper. This was a super fun video to film, well I always love filming Adriana. I will be filming her later this month in fact.

John is getting a lap dance from sexy stripper, Adriana. He is shocked when she tries to steal his wallet. He threatens to tell management and get her fired. She doesn’t want that, so she agrees to do things his way. This entails an over the knee spanking on her bare behind as well as a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position while she jiggles her big bouncing behind for his enjoyment.

Spanked Stripper

Adriana Evans

Humiliating Spanking



On Momma Spankings I introduce super cute Rosie Ann. She is a young and upcoming spanking model from the UK. She has also appeared on Triple A Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Rosie is having a bath and mommy has asked her repeatedly to get out as it is time for bed. Finally mommy has had it with her disobedient daughter and grabs her, pulls her out of the tub, drags her to the bedroom, and throws her over here lap for a spanking. Rosie cries in pain as mommy spanks her wet bare bottom with hand and hairbrush.

Sarah Gregory spanks Rosie Ann

Spanked with Hairbrush

bare bottom spanking



Adriana Evans also appears on Triple A Spanking in on of the best videos I think, called Spanked, Soaped, and Strapped. She did a video earlier in the year for Momma Spankings with Miss Chris and they had such good chemistry that we had to have them do another one together for Triple A.

Lots of raw emotion, power struggles, defiance, severe punishments and their consequences. This could have been a straight forward punishment for Adriana Evans, but her big mouth got her into trouble with Miss Chris in no time at all. Representing the school away from home was a big responsibility so when Adriana had been caught in the hotel gym doing provocative exercises in front of others she was sent to Miss Chris to be dealt with. In no time Adriana was spanked over her tight gym pants but rather than leave the matter there she continued to fight back and her pants were pulled down so the spanking continued on her bare bottom. Then she swore, she continued swearing which infuriated Miss Chris so much that she marched her to the bathroom for one of the most intense mouthsoapings ever caught on film. You will be blown away by the anger, the emotion, the defiant struggle as that soap washed away Adriana’s filthy tongue time and time again! Eventually Adriana realized she wasn’t going to win and the final part of her punishment saw her take 50 strokes of the leather strap. 

miss chris spanking Adriana Evans





In other news, I am gearing up for lots of exciting shooting later this month with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Joelle Barros, Dana Specht, and as mentioned above, Adriana Evans.

I also just got back from Houston where I had an amazing time with my daddy. We filmed super cute Alice Michaels and there will be a new Halloween special coming to Momma Spankings later this month with her.


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Sarah’s Fetish Boutique

September 29th, 2015 · No Comments

For those of you who are unaware, I now have a kinky Fetish store. It is called SARAH’S FETISH BOUTIQUE and is on ETSY. I sell spanking toys including the paddles that I get made. Please check it out as there might be something for you. I also take requests for items that you may want to see in my store as well as orders for custom paddles, such as the one linked here.

Here are just a few of the items in my store. Get em before they are gone!


wooden Spanking Paddle






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Spanking Updates and More!

September 26th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Hello from beautiful Carmel. I just arrived in Carmel, CA and have some fun stuff planned. Momma Dana and I have some plans to do another video too which I will be sharing with you all on Momma Spankings. Look for a sneak peak look at photos when we are done shooting it next week.

In the meantime, here are my new updates.

On Sarah Gregory Spanking in Sexy Spanking Fun, I introduce the super sexy and famous Christina Carter. It was a real treat for Christina to shoot a couple spanking films as she is not a spanking model and doesn’t do spanking videos. However, we have a mutual friend and through him her and I have become friends. We had an intimate spanking experience a few years back and since then I have been dying to do a video with this sexy vixen. She was guest of honor at this years Fetishcon, so I was surprised that she was able to work a shoot for us into her busy schedule. You should check out her website, Christina Bound. She is also best known for her sexy Fetish portrayal of “Wonder Woman.”


I really hope I can do a few more videos with her in the future as I have a few awesome ideas.

Christina and Sarah shared some private spanking fun a few years back and hadn’t forgotten how fun it was, so they decided to make a video of their next time playing so they could watch it when alone and share it with you. See sexy Christina and Sarah switch and spank each other in lingerie and nude in this sexy and HOT spanking film.


sarah gregory spanking christina carter


Sexy Nude Spanking

Christina Carter Spanked


On Momma Spankings, I brought back a classic and remastered it into beautiful HD with a re-edit, Detention Discipline. This is a long play film with some hard spanking and paddling. You don’t want to miss this classic. See Sarah and her Momma at their best along with guest model, Scarlet Summers.

Miss Sarah Gregory is a new teacher and not very good at controlling misbehaving students. When principal Ms Dana Specht walks by the detention room and sees the unruly Scarlet misbehaving and the frustrated Miss Gregory, she steps in and takes charge. Students who misbehave in class need discipline and that discipline is a bare bottom spanking and paddling! If Miss Gregory can’t or won’t administer a proper spanking, than Ms Specht surely will. Scarlet gets her first bare bottom spanking and paddling as does Miss Gregory for not administering correct discipline in the school.




Dana Specht Paddles girl


Blonde Paddled

And, finally on Sarah’s Fetish Play, a new video called Naughty Stepdaughter has been uploaded. This is a sexy Taboo film that you don’t want to miss, if that is what turns you on. I know I got pretty turned on while filming it….shhhh.

In this naughty stepdaughter/step-father taboo clip, you are my step daddy and I am your naughty stepdaughter. You walk in and catch me getting dressed. When I notice you there, I am a little embarrassed but at the same time I know how much you enjoy looking in on me. I talk dirty to you and tell you how this will be our little secret, as mommy wouldn’t approve of you looking at me this way. As I am talking to you, I get more and more comfortable, to the point of being completely nude, though it happens slowly. I touch myself and get very turned on thinking about you watching me. I want you to fuck me and take my virginity cause I am such a naughty naughty little girl.



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New Tour on the sites

September 14th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Hey all, Just a quick note to let you know that on Momma Spankings and Sarah Gregory Spanking you can video preview clips for the videos on the first two tour pages. This is something I have worked hard on and hope you like the previews. I also have a killer update this week on both Momma and SGS.

On Sarah Gregory Spanking, meet Zooey Zara; tall, sexy, brunette I met at Fetishcon, and what a little pain Slut she is. She stars this week with Johnny Lake in “Slacking Secretary Thrashed.” The video is also available for full download HERE

“Meet secretary Zooey. She has been slacking and not doing her job. Mr. Lake is very upset with her and calls her into his office for some “talking to.” This includes a HARD spanking and caning to teach this naughty secretary a hard lesson in work ethic.”






Enjoy this FREE clip here.

Also this week, on Momma Spankings, I get a good spanking from Miss Chris in this age play spanking film, “Naughty, Sorry, and Spanked.” Full video HERE

“Little Sarah has just been an all around bad girl. She has been playing with her food at the table, wondered off at the playground, and been a real brat. Mommy has told her to go to her room and wait for a spanking. Sarah is pouty and upset. Mommy spanks Sarah until she is a very sorry and sobbing little girl. Mommy knows Sarah won’t be sorry until she sees real tears.”







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Now updating Spanking Library

August 29th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Hey all. Just a quick note to let you know I am now updating my Spanking Library Store regularly as I already have been updating my Clips4sale store daily. Speaking of which, I have now been #1 in the Spanking Category and the Spanking F/F Category on C4S. Clips4sale is secondary for me, so it’t kinda cool when that happens when I don’t spend a ton of time. My main business is the websites. I have also been selling a few clips from my FETISH store in the JOI category. This is a new niche for me and I am told I am quite good at it lol. Here is my first JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) clip. My other clips are also pretty good on the store. Here are a few photos from the JOI clip.





I do custom fetish videos as well, so contact me if you are interested. My rate starts at $10 a min.


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Hello again!! I am back with Fetishcon news

August 23rd, 2015 · 2 Comments

I have been scolded and spanked because I never update my blog…. so I am here trying again to make the effort. I will make it worth your effort to come back to my blog. John has said I need to update this blog twice a week or there will be trouble.

We had an awesome time at Fetishcon and are in Miami now. Here are a few quick shots from fetishcon.



Pictured above left is me and the lovely Jacquelyn Velvets and right is me and Angela Sommers. Jacquelyn is planning to come to Connecticut this fall to do a shoot for and I am very excited as she has a very spankable booty!!


Above is me and Christina Carter. She shot for us at Fetishcon for the spanking sites. I did a VERY HOT F/f spanking film with her. Here is a sneak peak with some photos.



We also had the pleasure of filming with the SEXY Whitney Morgan. It had been years since I worked with her and I was very excited to spank her lovely booty once again.


A new spanking model we had the pleasure of working with was Zooey Zara. She is a real masochist and very much enjoys pain. SHe took some very HARD canings!



I have been filming some awesome new content for my Fetish Store as well and will talk about that in my next post. xxx

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Lone Star Spanking Party Memories

June 17th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Well, about 2 weeks ago we wrapped up running the First Annual Lone Star Spanking Party. What an AMAZING time we had. We had about 300 attendees. We had so many people that we had to get a bigger hotel for next year’s party, which is already booked for May 19-22, 2016. We have some extra special stuff in store for you. To keep updated on the Party, here is the WEBSITE!

Well, getting back to memories of this year, first let me talk about the demos. We had 5 demos, first was the sensual spanking demo that I ran with my assistant, Alice Michaels.



The next demo was with the famous Dana Specht, my Momma. She did her demo on scolding; and who better to give this demo, as she s one of the best scolders around.



Each of those Demos were an hour while the next two were shorter, 30 min. each. My daddy, Paul [Tubaman] Rogers did his infamous spanking 101 demo where he discussed basic uses of the cane, paddle, strap, crop, and hand.


And, my boyfriend, John (AAASpanking), did his demo on the famous “Wheelbarrow Spankings”


Johnny/FLAPaddler did his demo on BDSM and spanking. He talked about floggers, whips, and sensation play. I always love this demo.


Miss Chris did her demo on spanking and role play, but since it was with a power point presentation it was rather dark to get any photos. But it was really good and informative.

The Rest of Friday went well, After the vendor’s preview and light food, was one of my favorite events. The LITTLE’S Party. My daddy was there to help along with SarahSpanks, who brought little goodie bags for all the littles. The room was packed. FLAPaddler was nice and took some cute photos for those who wanted souvenirs of themselves in their littles getup. Here is a photo of me and my good friend Alex Reynolds. She was so helpful during the weekend and did a ton to help out. Thank you Alex for everything!


Here is a photo of me and my daddy. I made him wear this princess crown and he is so sweet that he left it on for his baby girl.


Saturday was the BIG vendor’s fair. We had tons of vendor’s, a spanking games booth, a silent auction, and spanking booth. We raised $2600 for the American Cancer Society.


There were more events on Saturday after the Vendor’s fair that I didn’t attend as I was doing a session and prepping for the big dinner. Our Renaissance Masquerade ball. What a fun evening of food, dancing, and spanking. It was my momma’s Birthday on the 28th so we surprised her with a cake and then she took naughty boys and girls over her lap to celebrate.



Here are some more photos from Saturday night! Click on Thumbnails for full size.


Saturday night we had the famous midnight flogging event hosted by FLAPaddler. JC, Fineous, and Justin were in on the flogging as well.


Sunday we had the Models/Farewell Brunch. Click on Thumbnails for full photos.


All photos unless noted are by Justin_Jdoggg.

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