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Spanking Sarah Gregory

Birthday Spankings

February 9th, 2015 · 7 Comments

I guess this is the first year I have not actually filmed my birthday spanking, well I guess it was because it was a bit too intimate for me to put out there. It was a good time and I did get it kind of hard, that is before the more intimate fun. I also had an awesome birthday party last night. My good friend Robert came out, Justin was there, and obviously my man, John. There were also a bunch of vanilla people so we couldn’t get kinky……. :( but more time for that to come as we have some amazing shoots planned this week with Lily Swan and Joelle Barros. Some Hot f/f spankings for Sarah Gregory Spanking and more videos for Momma Spankings with me as mommy.

Here are a few photos from my Birthday!!





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Fun Photo Shoot with Alan Pedroso

February 3rd, 2015 · 2 Comments

Well, I am winding down my Miami trip and preparing to head back to cold and snowy Connecticut tomorrow as I want to be there when my sweetie, John, arrives. We are going to be celebrating my Birthday since it is Thursday. Lots of yummy Birthday spankings in store for me and my party is Saturday.

My Miami trip wasn’t as much as I had expected as the weather was pretty cloudy and mild and most of my sessions cancelled. So it was pretty disappointing. I had some good times with Johnny though and an awesome photo shoot as usual with one of my favorite photographers, Alan Pedroso. I have been shooting with him for years and we always collaborate on some really cool works of art. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. He gives me all the photos so I can edit the ones I like, so these are edited by me and taken by him. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full photo!




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Step Daughters and Slumber Parties

January 17th, 2015 · 3 Comments

What’s New these days on my sites? This week  one of my favorite videos is on Sarah Gregory Spanking. It stars Amelia Jane Rutherford, me, and my man. Last time I was in England we hired Amelia for a day and this video is one from that day. I have a thing for PJ spankings. I just love getting spanked in PJs. so here is a HOT PJ Spanking video called ‘Slumber Party Spankings’ this week on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah has snuck her friend Amelia in for a sleep-over. Daddy doesn’t know and has made it clear no sleep-overs. When Daddy discovers Sarah has Amelia there he shows Amelia what happens when his daughter lies to him, a bare bottom spanking. Amelia will get the same punishment and is not happy at all about this at all.










On Momma Spankings we have yet another video where I spank a naughty young lady. I play step-mom to Stevie Rose, she is a super cute spankable blonde. I have been really enjoying playing the mom character lately. I am planning a few more videos in the near future similar to this one. This video is called Step Daughter Spanked.

Step Mom Sarah is not happy when her step daughter is brought up from the casino to their hotel room. She has been gambling and is under age. Daddy has given Sarah full permission to punish this naughty girl as she sees fit. Stevie is taken OTK and give a spanking over her tight shorts and then on the bare bottom before ending with a hard hairbrush spanking.






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My Favorite Implements and toys. Where do I get them?

January 7th, 2015 · 2 Comments

Spanking Implements, these are among the countless things I collect. I absolulety love getting new implements. I buy them at spanking parties, I get them as gifts, and I order them online. Some companies make special ones for me in exchange for using them in photos and videos. For Christmas I was given a hand made implement rack from a good friend. It took him hours to make this for me. I LOVE it.


I try to display as many of my implements as I can in my play space. Some of the companies I get my toys from are as follows…

Cane-iac – I happen to be a spokesmodel for Cane-iac with my own personal page. They make sturdy affordable items. Not the most artistic and highest quality of animal hides and what not, but their items hold up, get the job done, and feel good to use. They are very reasonably priced so you can buy a bunch in one order. They are always coming out with new stuff  and have a HUGE variety from canes, to paddles, straps, floggers, BDSM toys and many other creative items. There website is very nice as well. I am even listed on their Professional Disciplinarian Page. You can also buy Cane-iac products from me at the various party locations where I vend.

Here I am in some videos on Sarah Gregory Spanking featuring Cane-iac spanking toys.





0129_yes_spankings_do _hurt_gal1-019

And then some promotional shots that we did with cane-iac implements.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 8.07.26 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 8.07.45 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 7.59.05 PM


Mr. Zia’s paddles – Mr. Zia is not currently producing any new products, but what he has left is for sale HERE. He makes quality wooden paddles and floggers. His paddles are sturdy and hold up well. They are very reasonable in price and the various woods he uses are very attractive. They also feel really great and comfortable in my hand. He doesn’t have a huge selection, but what he has are all very nice and worth it. Here are some of his products in use. Dana Specht loves using the “bat paddle” in the photo below.


0129_yes_spankings_do _hurt_gal2-028


Leather Thorn Paddles – I LOVE these paddles, though they are pricey. Not the most expensive out there, but mid range. They are very much worth it as the craftsmanship is amazing and the attention to detail is incredible. I currently own 4 products from his line. One is new and hasn’t been used yet, it is the leather cane in the photo below.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 9.12.25 PM

The other three items I own are the purple leather fly swatter (which has only been used in private) and the two paddles in action in my videos. below.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 9.19.55 PM


0129_yes_spankings_do _hurt_gal1-026

Correction Collection by – Now this is a collection that wasn’t brought to my attention until about a year and a half ago. The Paddle maker contacted me via fetlife offering to make some toys for me special in exchange for promoting his work and using them in videos. I jumped at the opportunity and LOVE his stuff to death. The two paddles below have “S.G.” on them just for me. He even set me another cute little slapper strap called the stinger for more private play or to spank those naughty boys sweet spots with during sessions. Recently at one of the vendors fairs I also bought a small 12.5 inch tawse from him which I also use during many of my discipline sessions spanking naughty boys. I would love to get a few more items from him at some point, maybe a longer more traditional Tawse to add to my collection, afterall I don’t have one of these and every disciplinarian should. Below I am using my red paddle on Adriana Evans in the video titles, Weekly Session on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 7.56.00 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 8.05.29 PM


London Tanner – I have always loved stuff from the London Tanner, however it is VERY pricey. These are the kind of toys you buy one or two of. Quality over Quantity, unless someone gifts me one of his finely handcrafted leather pieces….hehe. He makes and sews each of his pieces by hand. The items I own of his are “The Domestic Discipline Paddle” (which he specially made with “SG” monogramed on it) pictured below with Christy Cutie, “The Spanking Strop” pictured below with Stevie Rose, The “Loopy Johnny”, The “CP Ruler Paddle”  “Daddies Double Trouble”,  and “The Reformatory Paddle” Strap shown below with Adriana Evans. Some of these I bought myself and some were gifts. Actually my daddy gave me his Daddies Double Trouble strap, thought that was cool.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 8.06.10 PM



Leather By Danny – Danny makes some awesome BDSM and spanking toys. He has  HUGE selection. I love stopping by his booth at the NELA Fetish Flea Market and at FetishCon. I have bought some amazing Grip cuffs from him and the paddle and split thumper strap below. I also have some toys from him for private play only. His prices range and can be a bit high, but his stuff is VERY high quality. Below Orias is using one of his paddles on me. I am using the Split Thumper Paddle on Adriana Evans.




Quality Control – Back on my first trip to the UK when I worked with Leia Ann Woods, she had some products from this company in her collection and I fell in love with one of the paddles in particular. It is called the paddled Paddle. How awesome is that, pain on one side and soft memory foam like suade cover on the other. Perfect size for OTK, very durable, but EXPENSIVE. I was so thankful that my good friend and play partner Benman bought this paddle for me. I also recently ordered some canes from them as I saw Miss Chris had some lovely canes and I asked her where she got them and she said, Quality Control. I have a bunch of canes, but I really liked this style and the more traditional British look. I ordered 4 of differing thickness and LOVE them. I have been using them on Justin a lot. They will be great in videos. Below I am using the stingy leather side of my padded paddle on Ten Amorette.

0129_yes_spankings_do _hurt_gal1-024

Miss Kitty’s Exotic Paddles – Miss Kitty is retired from making her amazing wooden paddles due to health issues. I have a few of her fine pieces including a hand painted one that I must photo and get up here later, but here is one of her school style paddles being put to good use on my bum in Detention Discipline .  I will be selling a few of her paddles that I have duplicates of at the coming vendors fairs. Write to me if interested.


A lovely Photo by ATP Studios of the paddle on my bum followed by a photo by Dick Obrien.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 8.03.30 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 8.01.26 PM

Tool Works Chicago – OK, FLOGGERS FLOGGERS FLOGGERS!!! I am a flogger whore. I love floggers and this is where to buy them if you want high quality well made floggers that will last. Prices range and most times you can get a good pair. They also always have a sale rack where they vend. I have more floggers from them that I can count.  Below I am using my purple aluminum handled flogger on Ten Amorette. They also make a beautiful line of metal paddles which I don’t really think I would use as that is not my style. However I can see using one for sensation play and temperature play by putting in the freezer first and then using it to play by pressing it on the bottom and other body parts.


A photo by Dick Obrien with my purple flogger again.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 4.18.09 AM


And here is my implement cabinet. I put hooks in it and it locks.


Well that is it for now for spanking implements/toys. Thanks so much for reading where to get all your kinky toys. More to come on where to get the various items I wear in my shoots, such as corsets, latex, girdles….etc….. That will be a fun post.

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Remastering old videos

January 5th, 2015 · 2 Comments

I hope everyone had an awesome New Years Eve! Mine was kind of boring, but hey, that is life. Hopefully next year I will get to spend it with my honey.

I wanted to let you all know that I am working on a special new project. I will be remastering a lot of my older videos into HD quality re-editing them from scratch. They will be put on clips4sale for you, the new versions, as I make them. I will tell you what is now in HD and better, higher 1920×1080 quality. Some of the older ones like, Sarah in Trouble, Spring Break Spankings, and Teacher Learns a Lesson are on the top of my list now. The older ones of me and Dana that I remaster will go on Momma Spankings as well as Clips4sale.

Here are some photos from Sarah in Trouble, the first video I ever did with my Daddy, Paul.



Here are some photos from Sarah’s Spring Break Spankings




And here from Teacher Learns a Lesson.





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Thank you everyone for my AWARD – Best Female Top

January 3rd, 2015 · 4 Comments

I feel so honored to have been nominated for best female top and then to have won it in the 2014 spanking awards. Since I started topping I dreamed of winning this award in the spanking world. I take what I do as a top very seriously and love it. I love doing sessions as a top, which is why I only top now for them. I love learning technique of using different implements. My new mission is learning proper whip technique. My good friend, Johnny/FLAPaddler has worked with me on my flogging and whip technique. From my daddy, Paul, I have learned so much about using other implements such as paddles, canes, straps, and belts. From my Momma Dana I have learned a ton about scolding and demeanor as a disciplinarian.  I also enjoy topping in videos, especially naughty young ladies….hehe. One of my favorite roles is upper class sorority sister or rival cheerleader.

With Momma Spankings I am now taking the site in a bit of a different direction to showcase my topping side more. The site is called Momma Spankings so it doesn’t dictate who has to play mom. It started as a platform to showcase the videos I do with my real life scene momma, Dana Specht. We still of course shoot lots of videos, but not enough to have enough updates so I need to bring something more. I have been very much enjoying playing mom to many of the younger models I hire. In the upcoming months I have plans to shoot with a lot more models for the site. I also have Miss Chris and Chelsea Pfeiffer booked to play mom to me and to other models for the site. In February I plan to play mom to Christy Cutie, Casey Calvert, Alex Reynolds again, and Adriana Evans. In fact Alex Reynolds just won spankee of the year in the 2014 spanking awards. I won that same award in 2012. Alex deserves it as she is an awesome, professional, cute, talented spanking model. She is also one of my friends.

Here are some photos of me topping in various videos that I have especially loved!

Me and Christy Cutie in two of my latest videos with her on Sarah Gregory Spanking.



Here, two films where I play mommy on Momma Spankings. One with Alex Reynolds and one with Mandie Rae.



I LOVE topping Adriana Evans as we have such great chemistry and are good friends. Here are two films with her on Sarah Gregory Spanking.




One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE films to make to this day was Sorority Slut Shaming with Mandie Rae.  It was a bit more risky on my part as I forced her to strip and masturbate in the film, as well as spanking and paddling her fine little booty.



Every year at Fetishcon, I look forward to working with these next two models as it is the only time I see them. First is Candle Boxxx. Because she is such a famous fetish model and shoots all the time, she cannot have marks so we usually do more sensual stuff.



Second is Isobel Wren who can take a pretty hard spanking, likes it, and is a very sweet girl. I always look forward to shooting with her and hanging out after. We are also very attracted to each other, so that makes for a good film.



Another model whom I had the honor to work with at Fetishcon was Orias. She is a cute petite fetish model. I would love to play Mommy to her next time I work with her.



I worked with Ashley Graham a few times. Se came out to my house to do some films and I also shot with her at Fetishcon. I am pretty sure she doesn’t shoot spanking anymore as she has gotten more hardcore, but we made some great films.




Amelia Jane Rutherford is another model I LOVE working with. She is from the UK. I have had the pleasure of working with her MANY times and we always have a good time and play off each other very well. She is a trained actress as well, so she can get into any role very well. He dialogue is witty, quick, and creative.




Another popular British Spanking model is Pandora Blake. I will be working with her again this coming winter. I love filming with her as well. She is great on camera. I have fun bottoming to her as well. She is a very skilled top.


Casey Calvert is a model whom I love working with as well. She is very professional, easy to work with, and makes HOT videos. I will be working with her again this winter while in L.A.



Joelle Barros is a pretty recent upcoming spanking model. I think she is fabulous. She is a shy, reserved,  humble, and sexy brunette. She doesn’t know how great of a model she is, that is my opinion. I love working with her, whether behind the camera watching her get it, or giving it to her. I will be working with her again this winter as well.


Ten Amorette is a model whom I used to work with a lot. I shot a lot of videos with her, here is one of my favorites with her.

yes_spankings_do _hurt_blog

Another model I haven’t worked with in a long time who I really like is Whitney Morgan. She is a very experienced and professional fetish model. She is super nice and knows her stuff. I would love to spank her again one day in some more videos.


And last but not least, who can forget one of the first ladies I topped. Kat St. James. We had a special relationship, we were lovers, friends, and so much more. I shot a lot of videos with her back in the day. Unfortunately she is retired from spanking. She was a blast to work with, spank, hang out with, travel with, and just be with.


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What’s New on Momma Spankings and Sarah Gregory Spanking

January 2nd, 2015 · 2 Comments

Sarah Gregory Spanking was nominated as BEST SPANKING SITE!!!! Please go and vote for me HERE!

Today on Sarah Gregory Spanking “Late for Detention was released. It stars hottie and fit model Lily Swan as a school girl getting a hard British spanking and caning. You don’t want to miss this traditional disciplinary spanking video.

Mr. Osborne is not very happy when his student, Lily Swan, is late for detention. She was already going to get a spanking, but now she will get a caning as well. Lily is made to bend over her desk for a bare bottom spanking before a good old hard caning. Lily will soon remember to behave in school and show up to detention on time.










And on Momma Spankings I brought back an older video that was remastered and edited in HD. Now fully remastered, video quality is much much better and high resolution as are the photos.

Momma Dana plays Sarah’s Aunt. Sarah is staying with her strict Aunt Dana and working a summer job. She decides that it is too nice of a day to go to work, so she calls in sick. Her Aunt Dana was very unhappy to come home to Sarah sun-bathing out back instead of out at work. She spanks her naughty niece with hand and strap on the bikini and then bare bottom.









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