Lone Star Spanking Party recap.

Hey everyone! Well we did it, we officially hosted the 2nd annual Lone Star Spanking Party, and what a HUGE success! Here I will share with you some fun moments, events, and just good photo that pretty much sum up the awesome time we had. Unfortunately Thursday’s Pool Party and Cigar social was cancelled due to the rain, but that didn’t stop us from partying at night with a fun meet and greet pizza party and early registration. We must have had almost 200 people show up Thursday night and I our suite stayed open pretty late for play and fun!

On Friday morning we kicked off the day with some awesome demos. A couple were similar to last year and changed up a bit, while we added some new and very educational demos to our mix. The first demo was run by the lovely Amelia Jane Rutherford, who I might add was our guest of honor. She was assisted by new spanking model, Ava Nyx, and me. She ran a class on “Bondage for Spankos.” This was a demo and hands on interactive learning experience. For the first half she showed us some ties and then passed out rope and helped people try it themselves.DSC_1887 DSC_1933 DSC_1905

Our second demo was one we had the year before, but there were so many request to have it again, so we did. Dana Specht did her famous Scolding demo/presentation. Here are some photos.

DSC_2024 DSC_2037DSC_2028 (1)

The Next Demo and interactive class (Spanking 101) was put on my none other than my daddy, Tubaman. Last year her did a 30 min. demo on this. This year we decided to make this class a full hour and encouraged people to bring implements and get up and participate. Models, Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, and myself all assisted in this class.DSC_2084DSC_2040 DSC_2058

The second to last class/demo was put on by the famous owner and producer of the Real Spankings Network, Michael Masterson. I was so happy that he attending the party, not only cause he is so smart and runs multiple spanking sites, but also because we had the chance to bond and form what I hope will be a lasting friendship. His class was called, “Beyond Spanking; How to enhance the Overall Disciplinary Process.” I can’t describe it as well as him, so I will just paste the description he wrote up – Michael Masterson and Adriana Evans will demonstrate various ways to make a punishment spanking more effective for those that like to be spanked. Through the creative use of positions, added elements of embarrassment and vulnerability, corner time, and mouth soaping at its most severe level, you will learn how to make each and every punishment one that will not only be remembered, but will decrease the chances of future transgressions. This demo is targeted at those that utilize spanking as a punishment tool for modification of behavior and want to learn how to make the overall process more effective.”

DSC_2128 DSC_2141DSC_2167DSC_2174 DSC_2132

The final Presentation of the day was run by Johnny/FlaPaddler. He is one of my best friends and play partners and very smart in the BDSM world. He showed many ways to bring BDSM into the spanko world in his class called, “Advanced Forms of Impact Play.” He showed, floggers, whips, canes, and large straps. He was assisted by hi lovely submissive, Zoey, as well as me.DSC_2193 DSC_2201DSC_2222 DSC_2229DSC_2217 DSC_2227

After the demos/classes we had the Newbies/shybies orientation. Alex Reynolds got up and did her informative talk on negotiation and consent. Next year we will be having Alex run the orientation as she was wonderful.

After this the Naughty Boys Party was held. I could not attend this as I was so busy prepping for other party stuff. I needed time to decorate my suite for the Little’s Party since it would begin right after dinner and this was my only chance. Luckily I had help from Sarah Spanks, Allen, and Justin. They helped a lot. Dana Specht ran the naughty boys party and I hear it was one of the best ones yet from many of the attendees. Thank you to all the female tops who attended and helped to make this event so successful and special.

That night we had our ice cream/soda shop informal dinner. Friday nights are typically not as formal as Saturday night and we have a light buffet, some of the vendor’s also set up and get an early start to preview the neat stuff they will be selling at the full vendor’s fair on Saturday.

On Saturday it was up early as I had to prep for the vendor’s fair. I was a vendor and actually did quite good. John and I vended together. DSC_2261

Saturday night was the 1950s prom/dinner/dance. We also had the official Spanking Blogg award ceremony to recognize the attendees of Lone Star who had won awards for 2015. Here are the award winners. You can see the full award results HERE on the Spanking BloggDSC_2368

Here are some fun photos of our group of friends. Aren’t the guys lucky? LOLDSC_2318 DSC_2321DSC_2327 DSC_2330

Here are some more photos of me and my friends!DSC_2393 DSC_2409

Here are photos with two of the most important men in my life, my daddy and my boyfriend. DSC_2413 DSC_2400

On Saturday night after dinner, I ran the Little’s Playtime with assistance from Sarah Spanks. We all had a great time.

DSC_2416 DSC_2420DSC_2443

On Sunday we had a farewell brunch! Sad to end, but looking forward to planning next year already! We have lots in store for Lone Star 2017!

DSC_2470 DSC_2491DSC_2531DSC_2538




I LOVE schoolgirl Spanking!

Well for those of you who know me, you know I just love dressing up, whether it be as a naughty schoolgirl, a cheerleader, a baby girl, or even a sexy nurse. So this week my blog post shows off some sexy schoolgirl spanking fun. The two newest videos on Sarah Gregory Spanking are both very hot schoolgirl spankings. Last week Zooey Zara starred in a hard M/F Spanking film called, “Schoolgirl Spanked and Caned.” We filmed this on our last L.A. trip along with a lot of other hot films. On of the things I love about Zooey is that she is not a “spanking model” per se, but a lifestyle “spanko” who does a few videos for me here and there because we are friends and she enjoys it. She doesn’t want to make a habit of shooting as she has much more going on in her life and she doesn’t have the time to be shooting all the time. So, I am very grateful for the couple of times I have been able to shoot with her and I hope we find ourselves at the same place and time again and able to shoot as I love this girl.

“Zooey has been a very bad student, sending obscene texts while in class. Headmaster is quite displeased and explains to her that students who display such foul and unladylike behavior get spanked and caned. She is very upset and protests but takes her punishment like the naughty deserving school girl that she is.”

spanked_caned_headmaster_00005 spanked_caned_headmaster_00017spankingspanked_caned_headmaster_00028 spanked_caned_headmaster_00030zooey zara spankedspanked_caned_headmaster_00052caning spanked_caned_headmaster_00058bad girl spanked

Keeping up with the schoolgirl theme, this week on Sarah Gregory Spanking, I bring you Joelle Barros and Kajira Bound as “Two Rude Schoolgirls” who are spanked by their principal AND teacher. I was so excited to have been able to work with both of these lovely models at my studio for a full day film shoot.  Joelle is one of my best friends who is rather local to me being on the east coast and Kajira had been in touch about traveling to my area as she is a Colorado based model. I first saw her work on Real Spankings Institute with Michael Masterson and I loved her and couldn’t wait to spank this lovely lady myself. She along with Joelle will be attending the Second Annual Lone Star Spanking Party this coming May. One of the awesome facts about this film is that it was a secret fantasy of Kajira and her husband, Ulf to play this out and he got to star in the film with her as one of the tops.

“Joelle and Kajira are in detention with new teacher Mr. Sayer. They are being extremely rude to him, passing notes, and just being all around brats. Mr. Sayer doesn’t know how to deal with them so he brings in principal Shore. The principal teaches and shows this new teacher how effective corporal punishment can be when used on naughty, bratty schoolgirls. The girls are spanked over the knee of both of them as well as given the wooden ruler on their bare behinds.”

two_rude_schoolgirls_00011 two_rude_schoolgirls_00014spanking two_rude_schoolgirls_00040schoolgirl spankedtwo_rude_schoolgirls_00051 joelle barros spankedjoelle barros two_rude_schoolgirls_00082kajira spankedtwo_rude_schoolgirls_00085 two_rude_schoolgirls_000970251_two_rude_schoolgirls_gal-008spanking two_rude_schoolgirls_00090two_rude_schoolgirls_00119 two_rude_schoolgirls_00122bare bottom

Both of these SCHOOLGIRL films can also be found in my CLIP store!

And…. on Triple A Spanking, guess what?!? ANOTHER Hot school girl is spanked this week!

Rosie Ann is spanked in “BallGagged Schoolgirl” This video was shot last June when I was in the UK and we had Rosie down to film for the day. I like working with Rosie as she can take a very hard spanking and very much enjoys it. She is also a very nice girl.

“Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date!” 

ball gagged schoolgirl_gagged_015rosie spankedschoolgirl_gagged014 schoolgirl_gagged017spankingschoolgirl_gagged045 strappingcorner time

And while I am on the Schoolgirl Theme, I just finished off an incredible 8 schoolgirl custom full feature film that will be coming this summer to Sarah Gregory Spanking! Here are a couple of sneak peak images from the shoot.

schoolgirlsschool uniformSG shoot16d

Lone Star Spanking Party: You know you wanna go

So, as most of you know, I am running the Lone Star Spanking Party along side my Daddy, Tubaman, and my boyfriend, John Osborne. As of now it is the largest national spanking party out there. Last year we had about 320 attendees and this year we expect even more. We are very newbie oriented as well, so don’t feel scared about coming if you are new to spanking parties. We like to make everyone feel welcome and make sure everyone has a great time. We have a PACKED full amazing schedule of events a fabulous list of Attending talent, Pro Disciplinariansas well as an amazing hotel to party at. One of the fabulous events that also makes us stand out is our HUGE VENDOR’s fair. As of now we have 30 confirmed vendors and we open our Saturday fair to the adult public. Check out our FETLIFE GROUP and FETLIFE EVENT PAGE.

Here are some photos from last year’s party! Click on the Thumbnails to see the full photo!

lone_star_01 lone_star_02 lone_star_03 lone_star_04lone_star_06 lone_star_22 lone_star_19 lone_star_18lone_star_07 lone_star_08 lone_star_10 lone_star_09lone_star_05 lone_star_12 lone_star_11 lone_star_13lone_star_16 lone_star_14

Don’t forget to REGISTER to join us in May for what is going to be one of the best national spanking parties ever!

spanking party

lone star spanking party

HOT and SEVERE Spanking Updates!

This week we bring you some amazing spanking films. These are some of the more severe films. On our last trip to Las Vegas, we had the pleasure of filming with a new spanking starlet, Harley Havik. I had been wanting to film her for awhile and was so happy to have the chance to. Because of how severe the films were, we only filmed a couple. We wanted to film more, but we had to wait so we did a second shoot with her a week later in LA. Harley will also be coming out to the East Coast in a couple weeks to do some more filming. I just love this girl.

This week on SARAH GREGORY SPANKING, the film is called “Real Tears Real Apologies” debuts. It stars Harley and Johnny Lake. He LOVES the opportunity to use “sticks” as he calls them and who better than Harley as her bottom is perfect for spanking, caning, and strapping. Her reactions are perfect too. She told us after we filmed that this film was her first time ever crying real tears on camera.

Harley has really fucked up this time. She was caught on camera kissing, dancing, and being spanked by another man. She knows the rules, woman only. Johnny is not happy with her to say the least, in fact he is disappointed beyond belief. His girlfriend and submissive will not disobey him like this. There are only two things he uses to teach her a lesson, Straps and Sticks. He takes his thickest meanest strap to poor Harley’s bottom and then his thickest cane. By the time the first stroke of the cane comes down she is crying real tears and begging for forgiveness. This is Harley’s first ever time crying real tears in a film.

harleys_real_tears_00068 harley havik spanked



On CHEERLEADER SPANKINGS Johnny Lake appears again, but this time spanking and Strapping the beautiful girl next door, Angel. Again, this is a very severe film. Angel is a lifestyler and very much enjoys spanking as you can see below. She told Johnny, I am game for anything, do what you want.

Coach had called for one of his best cheerleaders, Angel Lee, to see him when he found out she had been late for practice again. She had potential but her attitude and workrate recently had started to let down the team. He ignored her weak excuses and took her over his lap for a hard bare bottom spanking that had her gasping in disbelief. This punishment took a turn for the worse when Angel swore at her coach in frustration when he made her repeat “Practice makes Precision”. No girl on his squad would dare show such disrespect so he gave her 2 further painful lessons bent over a bench, her bare bottom high in the air, quivering and exposed. First, the reformatory strap did its job then the dreaded 5ft long heavy workout strap crashed onto her sore, red cheeks for a total of 10 furious licks of mean leather no girl should ever have to take! Warning: This is a severe punishment film that not many girls can take… See how much Angel was able to withstand in this authentic style cheergirl discipline drama.




On MOMMA SPANKINGS AND TRIPLE A SPANKING Miss Anna is the top spanking daughters Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds, and Stevie Rose. On Triple A Spanking, she also gets a spanking in the two part film.

Miss Anna is a new and upcoming female top. She plays the perfect Mean Mommy and will be coming to Connecticut later this month to shoot again. We are looking forward to it.

On Momma Spankings, Alex and her sister Adriana are non-stop arguing and fighting and mommy has had just about enough of their behavior. Mommy takes each of her naughty daughters over the knee for bare bottom spankings. This elicits real tears from Alex as she apologizes and cries. Adriana continues to sass mom and earns herself another trip over mom’s lap for the hairbrush. Alex makes snarky remarks from the corner and also earns the hairbrush on her already sore spanked bottom. These are two very sorry sisters.

scolding spanked with hairbrush

Alex Reynolds Spanked

Adriana Evans Spanked

And on TRIPLE A SPANKING, Stevie Rose had a new stepmom and they didn’t like each other one little bit! Anna made sure that her new bratty daughter got no favoritism from her when Stevie’s Daddy (John) was away on business. He trusted Anna to look after her as she was his Special Little Princess. His wife found fault with Stevie’s behavior and often spanked her hard until this time she went too far and spanked Stevie on her bare bottom with a leather paddle and a hairbrush! John returned home from business early the next day and discovered what had happened from Stevie’s tearful face and he gave his new wife her first ever severe spanking punishment. He was so angry that he spanked her hard on her bare bottom making it turn deep red quickly before using a Compliance Discipline Strap which stung like hell and made his wife cry. However, he hadn’t finished with her! In the finale of this film, there was a caning scene that left welts and marks Anna would not forget in a hurry! This was her learning a lesson the hard way: Not to touch Daddy’s Precious Little Princess!


Stevie Rose Spanked


princess028 caned

I hope you enjoy this week’s new SPANKING films.
Look for more Hot spanking updates next week.