Vacation at the Beach!

I am on vacation this weekend at the beach with my dad’s side of the family. We luckily have internet at the house we are renting and my family likes to go to bed really early, so I have the place to myself at night basically. Yay, blogging time! I did manage to get some nice photos of me on the beach today and then some later in my room using the self-timer on my camera. It isn’t the best quality camera, but I am getting a better one soon. I love wearing bikinis and going to the beach. I can hardly believe this is my first time this summer. Hopefully I will get a nice tan to go back to school with in the fall. Well, enjoy the pictures. Sorry that I didn’t put up any bare bottoms yet, maybe next time. But, you get a lot of that anyways, so enjoy these for now.

On the beach

Trying to take pictures of myself

And then in my room

Edited to add a few more shots

13 thoughts on “Vacation at the Beach!

  1. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–don’t worry about having no “bare bottom” photos–bikini “bottoms up” pictures are a perfect substitute. Very fun and sexy photos–thanks for sharing with us!

    Dr. Ken

  2. Funbun

    Now that you mention your father… Were you ever spanked at home, by him, your mother or others..?
    XXX, Funbun

  3. Dave

    Lovely images 🙂

    If i may ask, I’m assuming the folks are unaware of your red bottom activities… ?

    Keep up the fine blogging,

  4. Winchester

    Hope you have been enjoying your holiday with your folks. (And what a delightful set of photographs!). The ones in the bedroom are particularly evocative – especially the first that seems to say “come and get me!” (with your bottom presented perfectly for a first slap), and the two where you are kneeling with your bottom positioned perfectly for a spanking (and your pout suggesting that one is about to come!)

    I just wonder what would happen if one of your fans recognised you on the beach and asked for your autograph! How would you explain that one away to your family? 🙂 🙂

  5. Alan Boatsman

    I have the worst luck trying to post comments! My computer seems to burp or something just as I finish typing, but maybe this one will go through.

    Anyway, lovely photographs. The beach is actually a tough place to shoot (harsh glare, sand+camera=trouble, etc.) but these are great. Perhaps there was a bit of cloud cover to soften the light a bit.


  6. Mark


    Lovely photos. You look quite hot in your bikini. That thin piece of cloth which could easily be pulled down to redden your lovely bottom….

    And then I recall that you don’t let men spank you..

    *poof* and the fantasy evaporates on the sea breeze….

    Enjoy your blog.


  7. Michael

    Hi Sarah!

    Just found your site through Dr. Ken’s blog and I like what I see. Great photo set, and I’m enjoying catching up. Will be visiting more in the future.


  8. eric

    pretty as a picture. of course i like the pictures we took last fall. you’re very photogentic, very smart and very nice.


  9. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Dr. Ken – Thank you!

    Funbun – No, no, and no

    SBA – Thank you so much!

    Dave – Of course they don’t know!

    Winchester – hmmmm, I would prob deney it. I don’t know, I just hope it never happens.

    Chloe – Aww, thanks hun! I miss you.

    Alan – I love photos at the beach. I know what you mean though, so thank you!

    Mark – Sorry bout that, but you can still fantasize. Thanks for the compliments.

    Michael – Awesome. I am glad you found me.

    Jon – Thank you.

    Eric – Awwww, thank you! I miss you so so so so much! I have been thinking about you. Take care of yourself Love, me

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