Cute Critters

So, as well as sharing with you the stories of my spanking life, I will share other parts too, so you can get to know me. I wanted to create a post for my pets. I LOVE animals. My father is a vet and I have grown up around animals my whole life. I had these two dogs up until last summer. They passed away within a few months of each other. The golden retriever (Sasha) was 10 years old and the beagle (Marci) was 9 years old. We got Sasha as a puppy from a breeder and Marcie was given up by her owners so we adopted her. Here are a couple pictures of them.

Here is Marcie

Here is Sasha

Sammy was my dad’s dog, but I got to spend time with him a lot when I was at my father’s house. He was a yellow lab. He passed away last summer.

Here is Sammy

My current pets are my dog, Molly and my guinea Pig, Piglet (nickname: Piggles). Molly was a stray found by animal control and brought to my dad’s vet hospital. I fell in love with her. She is part beagle, but we are not sure what other breeds, maybe part terrier. My mom has had her since last summer and she is mine when I am living with my mom, which I am right now for the summer.

Here she is

And, Piglet

9 thoughts on “Cute Critters

  1. Winchester

    I’m not really a “pet person” though I quite understand how much joy and frienship people do derive from their pets. Good that you have some photos of your departed animals to remind you of the good times.

    Now – your mention of your family… do they know about you and your spanking life? And your blog? If you are lving at home during the Summer, how do you manage to hide the blog from your Mum? How do you explain when you up sticks to go to the SL Party? And, of you returen to the parental nest after your visit to the far west, how did you get over the difficulty of explaining why stting down was not very comfortable?

    Incidentally – I hope you get to SL!

  2. Sarah Gregory Post author

    hermione – Thank you!

    ds – Thank you 2!

    Winchester – Thank you for the detailed and thorough comments, I love it! To answer your questions – Of course my family does NOT know about my spanking life, nor would I ever want them to do and I do everything in my power to hie it. I am very close with them, so that is a hard job in itself. It isn’t hard to hide my blog, considering it is just on my lap top, I usually bring it with me wherever I go, it is passward protected and I don’t keep spanking pics in an area where they could be found. Plus, my history gets cleared when I quit the internet. But, my mother wouldn’t touch my computer anyways, she has her own. She gets home from work late too. As far as having to lie about going away. I usually live on my own so it isn;t an issue, but this summer, I just told my mom I was going camping with some friends. It worked. But, I move back to my own place in two weeks, so then all will be easier. And, I didn’t have to explain why sitting down was hard cause I didn’t go home right away after I got back from the west, I had some time with other friends. And sorry to say that I prob won’t be going to SL. I don’t have the money and no one has donated any through my blog as of now. Sorry.

    Pixie – I know, it is cute, and she didn’t seem to mind at all being in the costume as most animals might.

    Clare – I thought you especially would enjoy this post. Hmmmm….hiding it from my pets, lol, that is a tough one.

    Jon – Thank you, I am flattered!

    SBA – Piglet is very happy guinea pig. I have had guinea pigs my whole life and I think she is the most social and content. The others were so anxious and scared of everything.


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