Sinn Sage and Chelsea Pfeiffer’s new site

I know most of you know by now, but I wanted to post a little about a new website that looks absolutley amazing brought to you from Chelsea Pfeiffer called SpankSinn. I met the lovely Sinn Sage on the set of EE3 (shot for Girl Spanks Girl). She is such a nice and adorable girl. She is so easy going and fun to be around, not to mention extremely sexy. She is also serious about what she does and takes it to the max. She was very focused during the shoot and a pleasure to work with. I was so happy to hear from her about her new website, SpankSinn. I have looked at the site and it looks really good. Being into girls myself, it is nice to see some hot girl-on-girl action in combination with my favorite fetish, spanking. How Hot! I was also happy to hear that the new site was being done together with Chelsea Pfeiffer of Good Spanking. I recently shot with Chelsea and she was telling me how excited her and Sinn both were about the new site. They seem like a great pair and work well together and I wish them both luck with this endeavor. Go Chelsea! Go Sinn! I look forward to seeing some hard spankings and hot scenes.

Here are some photos of Sinn from Girl Spanks Girl’s EE3

Here are some photos of Sinn from her new website, SpankSinn

5 thoughts on “Sinn Sage and Chelsea Pfeiffer’s new site

  1. jon

    I also just love Sinn she is cute and very verbal when she recieves a good spanking. I would love to see you and her together that would be very hot!

  2. Winchester

    Hm! Are you likely to film on this site. You met Sinn at EE3 and you say you found her very easy going, fun to be around and oh so sexy! Is that all….? Reading between the lines this entry is almost a request to be invited…..!!

  3. Chelsea Pfeiffer

    Thanks, Sarah, for mention Sinn’s new site! That’s so awesome of you. We’ll definitely get you together with Sinn for her site when you visit again. All the best to you in your new place, too!

  4. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Jon – I would love to see me and her together as well.

    Lord Hard Hand – Thank you.

    Winchester – I don’t know, I hope I could film on this site, as Chelsea mentions, it is possible next time I visit the west coast.

    Chelsea – You’re very welcome. I would love to get together with her for her new site on my next visit out there.


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