Moving… least favorite time of year

Well, here we go once again. I am moving to my new apartment. I move back to the area I went to college in every school year to take more classes, work at the club, and be near the people I am connected with. I move home for the summer to work at camp and stay with my mom. Well, this weekend, I am once again moving back to a new apartment, with a new roommate, same area I have lived for 6 years. I have had a different roommate for the past 6 years. I graduated in 2006 and loved the area, so I decided to stay. I am such a pack-rat. I have so much stuff. I am a very sentimental person, so I save everything. I also have a bit of a shopping problem, so I have way too many clothes and shoes. My dad can only pull 1400 lbs. in the trailer and apparently I have a lot more, so it will take two trips. I am not looking forward to this move. The driving, lifting boxes, moving furniture from the old place to the new place…..ahhhhhh…..stress. I may not post for a couple days as I will be busy with the move. Wish me Luck!

13 thoughts on “Moving… least favorite time of year

  1. Funbun

    I see you need some stimulus..!
    So the doctor prescribes:
    One swift spanking in the morning over your pyama bottom, one during lunch on your panties and a long one to ensure a proper sleep before bed..
    To be repeated as long as needed..! 🙂

    Have a safe removal.

    XXX, Funbun

  2. Lord Hard Hand

    Good luck with the move. And I second what Pixie said and I’ll also spank you if I hear you complain about having nothing to wear.

  3. Jon

    I hope you enjoy the new apartment. Moving is a stressful time and a good time to throw stuff away! Sarah I would like to email you, can I get your addess?

  4. Winchester

    I feel for you – moving is ghastly. I too am a hoarder, and I dread to think what I shall have to get rid of when eventually I move from this house. I reckon it will be MANY trips to the dump/charity shops etc.

    Now I really think you should call Pixie’s bluff. Tell her you have nothing to wear and make sure the ensuing spanking gets filmed! It might just confirm that she can be a top!

    Mind you, if you had had a clothes sale you might have been able to get to the SL party. Start saving now for the next.

    Just wondering about six flatmates in six years…? Hope the present one is eady to get along with. Does she (presuming it is a she) know about/share your spanking interest?

  5. Pixie

    “Now I really think you should call Pixie’s bluff. Tell her you have nothing to wear and make sure the ensuing spanking gets filmed! It might just confirm that she can be a top!”

    I don’t give full spankings, but I do hand out brat whacks – super hard, single smacks. You’ve been warned. >:)

  6. Winchester

    “I don’t give full spankings, but I do hand out brat whacks -super hard single smacks.” Ah Pixie, but that’s not a spanking that will satisfy Sarah Gregory. “Brat whacks”need to be repeated – and filmed – to qualify….:-) else you are making idle boasts.

    Sarah I still think you should call her bluff!

  7. Lord Hard Hand

    Pixie, pixie, pixie;

    You did say “… I’ll spank you myself”. So if you don’t spank Sarah for not having nothing to wear I’ll have to go up there and spank both of you… Ofcourse, we’ll have to video the spankings for proof… LOL!

  8. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Beverly – I know. I actually have gotten rid of quite a lot as I unpacked and am having a yard sale soon….hehe. Maybe a good spanking would help me a little more.

    Funbun – Maybe you are right, but I feel like the stress of moving all this crap was punishment in itself. I had to lug all this crap up three flights of stairs. It was almost as hard as climbing a mountain……hehe. (Chelsea would get this one).

    Mark – 3rd floor…..grrrrr and narrow stairways.

    Pixie – That would actually be a cute scene (very realistic of me- I always look through my closet and say….”I have nothing to wear” and everyone yells at me)., though I know you don;t spank…… And you wondered why I always brought so many outfit choices to shoots and then couldn’t make up my mind what to wear.

    LHH – Thanks and I bet you would.

    Spanking OTK – Thank you and I would love to exchange links.

    Jon – I love to get email, so don’t be shy.

    Winchester – I know what you mean. I have gotten rid of a lot and am having a HUGE yard sale soon. I had one over the summer and made almost $200, which went towards my first months rent actually. Maybe I will call her bluff…..hehe. That would be fun, but I respect her choice not to be a spanker as well. But “brat whacks” we’ll see.

    TC – I didn’t make it to Vegas. But, I am def going to next year.


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