How was Shadow Lane?

As sad as I was not to be able to attend the Shadow Lane party this year, I know that it prob would have been way to stressful as it was with moving this weekend. I was willing to postpone moving for the party, but I just couldn’t afford it. I hope to be able to go next year though. I want to as I have never been before. I am excited to hear from everyone who went how it was? I will look on others blogs to see. Also, if we have not yet exchanged blog links, let me know and we can. I am open to that always. I will try to post more later on my move and show some pictures of my new bedroom and how it is all set up and pretty…..took me long enough. I had to make it just right though, as my living space reflects who I am and it is important for it to be a space I love to be in and is relaxing. My roommate and I still haven’t set up the living room area, but that comes next. We start classes on Wednesday, so maybe next weekend we will do that part.

3 thoughts on “How was Shadow Lane?

  1. Lord Hard Hand

    I hope the move went well. I’m all set to do my move this weekend to Hollywood…(Florida not California) this weekend. Sorry you missed the Shadow Lane party. I’ve been wanting to attend that party for years but haven’t been able to do so yet…
    Good luck with your studies… You better do your homework or we’ll have to put you over the knee and spank you.

  2. Eric

    Hey Sarah! I read your interview on “The Spanking Spot” and I wondered if I could talk to you about spanking if you’re not too busy. I’m not looking for anything from you other than your thoughts and brief time. If not, I understand, but I’d appreciate an e-mail either way if it’s not too much to ask.


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