Hello from the West Coast

Once again I am back in the lovely Sunny California. I have bee gradually making my way up North. In the past I have mainly stayed in L.A, but I am exploring new territory. I spent my first week in Hemet with Kat St James, Kyle Johnson, and Kisa Corvin.

Me and Kat in the pool in Palm Desert near the bondage shoot.

I shot in Palm Desert with Bondage Designs and Dominic Wolfe again, popular bondage production companies. This was my second time working for them. I must admit, it is very tight and intense bondage, but it helps to advance my career as a fetish model and we always get some great content. Once I get some photos from this shoot, I will throw them up here. Here is a photo from my last shoot with them in May.

While in Hemet I shot a scene I have been planning for awhile with Kyle Johnson. I will let you figure out what kind it was with the preview photo.

We also went to a small after party at Clare Fonda’s on Sunday the 7th. She had her famous EE shoot that day and invited a bunch of us over after.We just took some fun photos while hanging out.

And of course Clare’s Maxxxi was getting turned on by the spanking…haha!!!

I wasn’t in the EE6 shoot, but still was invited over. I also shot some scenes for her clips4sale Diaper site and Bratty Step-daughter site. I am back at her house now to spend some quality time shopping, talking, and I went to her comedy show. What fun! I love this woman.

Stay tuned for more of my west coast adventures later this week.

9 thoughts on “Hello from the West Coast

  1. Clare Fonda

    It is very cute having Sarah stay here. We thrift shop and work on our blogs together. It’s like having a younger, lesbian version of myself around. See you Sunday, Sarah.

  2. Erica

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that picture of you OTK with Clare, and Maxxxi humping her leg… that is priceless! 😀

    Sorry I didn’t get to see you this trip, but definitely see you at SL! xo

  3. John

    Great update Sarah. Thanks for keeping the fans posted during your trip. Looking forward to some great material for your spanking site.
    You’re the best… I check this site daily waiting for your updates. You never disappoint us.
    Your Eternal Fan

  4. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Nice pictures of you getting your butt beat by
    Clare.You sure seem to do a lot of traveling,don’t
    you ever get tired of it?I would think that you must get homesick quiet a bit.
    Take care , keep smiling, and have fun.
    Love AK

  5. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Clare – Thanks so much for commenting, it means a lot when coming from a close friend like you. I love what you said about me and us.

    Erica – Yes see you at SL, soon! I can’t wait. Miss you lots friend. xoxo

    John – You’re welcome, it is a big job to do these posts but I know they are appreciated so that keeps me going with it.

    Tim – Thanks for being a loyal always reader and commenter.

    AK – I do get tired of it sometimes, but don’t we all get tired at work. It is my job, so I must go where the work is. But it is fun too, I love it.

    Kyle – Don’t worry, I will get there.lol. So glad we got to film together again.

    Daniel – me too!

    Jefferson – i wish I could have been in EE6, but I guess a girl can only be a student so long before she graduates, at least that is what I was told. I am hoping to be the teacher next year in EE7


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