Crimson Moon Summer party

Just got back from the Crimson Moon summer spanking party in Chicago. I had such a wonderful and busy weekend, that when I got home, I slept for almost a full day, so I am just getting to blog now. I was debating even doing this blog post because my reader viewings have been way down. But I will post anyways, cause I have a lot to show and tell from the party.

I arrived last Wednesday and just chilled, went for a dip in the hot tub and settled in. Then, more people started to arrive Thursday. I was there with my daddy, Paul. We had an ice cream/spanking fundraiser for diabetes research on Thursday night. We were encouraged to dress in 1950s attire. I didn’t know about this before hand, so I didn’t have the best outfit, but I managed.

After dinner and the ice cream fundraiser I did a private session. It went well. It was actually my only session as I was pretty booked with party stuff and shoots that I didn’t want to tire out too much. Plus I had a lot of people I just wanted to have fun and play with. However if you would like to book as session while I am in Vegas next month at The Shadow Lane Spanking party, please inquire.

Then, Friday they had a school girl party inspired by the one I hosted at TASSP. I wasn’t feeling very well, but I went and participated to the best of my ability. Me and Jenni Mack are pictured below at this event.

Then after the school girl party, there was something new that I haven’t seen at any spanking parties before. This was an all female spanking suite party for females who only wanted to play with females. It went very well and I think I will host one of these at next years Texas All State spanking party, which will be the weekend of June 14th-17th. Since this was sort of a private suite party, I don’t have any photos from it.

Then between the afternoon events and dinner, I did an outside of party events bondage shoot with Ropeographer from fetlife. It paid well and was quite fun. Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot.

Late Friday night, Kat, Kyle, and Kisa arrived. We played a little before they were tired and needed to turn in.

Saturday afternoon was the vendor’s fair. I didn’t make many sales of DVDs to my surprise, but I purchased quite a lot of new implements and cute outfits. I also had on my table a display of some of the new spanking toys from the Sarah-Gregory-Collection. These were just samples to try out and people can order them directly from their website. I do get commission on these items, so please order some, try them out. I love em!!! Also, if you would like to order any of the videos on my website in DVD form, please email me at to place an order.

I got spanked by Kyle Johnson and Tasha Lee in front of my vendor’s table. This drew in a crowd on on-lookers.

I would LOVE to do a video in this Girl Scout costume for my website…any ideas???

Photo from Saturday night

Here is a short clip that Johnny Ravage filmed with his phone. Not the best quality, but something to have and post.

Sorry about the double frame. It was shot in 3D and I couldn’t edit it out.

I did some filming with Tasha Lee on Sunday for my website. We filmed two scenes. I will put one up soon. Check back later for some photos from the shoot.

12 thoughts on “Crimson Moon Summer party

  1. John


    I read or check your blog daily so please know there are fans who appreciate the hard work and effort you put into this “free” site. Most pay sites can’t hold a candle to this one.
    Thanks for posting this latest update.
    I am a new fan of your material. I sent you a correspondence via Fetlife. If you get a chance please check out my comments. I would love to hear from you. You have my full support, I love your committment to this genre.
    Please don’t get frustrated.
    “C’mon fellow fans keep the site alive!!!”
    Your Eternal Fan

  2. BlueMark

    Thanks for posting Sarah,

    I like the girl scout uniform. You expression in the 2nd photo of Kyle spanking you is great!


  3. Doug

    The fact you did such a detailed post on Crimson Moon despite your blog readership being down (Everyone’s on vacation!) is a testament to your dedication. Those of us who follow your blog regularly appreciate it.

    In my opinion there are two women in the scene who are the very best at what they do. You know who I think one of them is, and the other is you. Keep up the great work.

  4. John


    I a new fan and I just joined your pay site.
    I check this site daily and without question it is better than most pay sites.
    Believe me your efforts are appreciated and as a fan I promise full support on your behalf.
    Please don’t get discouraged as you can see you have dedicated fans.
    I would like to see Miss Chris spank you in that girl scout outfit…think you can arrange that?
    Also please see my correspondence to you via your Fetlife profile. It’s a bit long to post here.
    Hope you see this and hope to hear from you.


  5. John


    I’m going to embellish my idea for your girl scout shoot. I mentioned Miss Chris (you two have great chemistry). Have her play the Den Mother who spanks you for cheating on your merit badge test.
    In fact you can call it “The Merit Badge”.
    Regardless I hope to see you two get together soon. Love your pay site, I highly recommend it to all who check this site out but have not joined your pay site. It’s well worth the price of admission.

  6. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Well it looks like the party was a great success and
    you had a good time.You look so cute in your girl
    scout costume.And what do you do with the ice cream,is it applied after the spanking. ( just kidding)
    Take care
    Love AK

  7. tim

    Sarah i have supportedyour site from the beginning lovey and i tell other spankos ,your vids are great an idea your scout mistress finds out with Kat that you and she have been causing trouble to win your badges pins in U.S.A.,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  8. mike

    sarah i have alway been very big fan of yours and i have alway looked forward to seeing your update alway watched your video that posted either if your the spankee one getting spanked or the one being spanker and dish out the spanking

    i am still intrested in setting up a spanking session with you sometime i wonder how go about it. please give me infor sometime

  9. PhredPhriendly

    Hi Sarah, great review of the party! I had a blast meeting you. Oh, and I’m glad your private session “went well”… ; )

  10. anna d.

    Sarah, It took a lot of Courage and Humility to let yourself be Spanked on your Beautiful Bare Bottom in public like that! I can’t understand why people at that party were actually looking the other way while you underwent your tender ordeal. Have they no sense of Beauty or Drama? You are a WONDERFUL role model and inspiration for adult girls who know they need spankings.
    God bless you.
    soft, cool fanny kisses,
    anna d.


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