England Part 4: Leia Ann Woods

Well, to wrap up my adventures in England, I still need to talk about my shooting with the lovely British model Leia Ann Woods. We shot with her on our last day. I did 3 scenes with her for my website and the first one is up now, It is called, “The Nanny.” I had a lot of fun filming with Leia, she is such a nice and professional girl. She spanked me and I got to spank her and she is wonderful and talented on both ends. The plot for this video is that Sarah is attending school in England and living in a house that her father paid for. She is out of control, missing classes, partying, and her grades are slipping. Her father hires a nanny to come in a and whip this bratty girl into shape with some good old fashioned discipline.

Also here are a couple sneak peaks at some of the other stuff we shot to be released at a later date.

I am at the Chicago Crimson Moon spanking party this weekend, so check back later for photos and fun stories.

2 thoughts on “England Part 4: Leia Ann Woods

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    The pictures above are real nice, and it sounds like you had a good time in England. By any chance did you happen to get to Scotland?From what I hear and see it is very beautiful.
    And it sounds like you are in for a fun weekend, I
    hope you have a great time at the Crimson Moon
    Take care
    Love AK

  2. tim

    Sarah yes Leia Ann is a nice girl ,she spanks you hard in this vid ,nice to see you will get your own back lol ,love and spanks ,tim xx


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