England Part 3: Pandora Blake

Yes, we had the opportunity to shoot with British spanking model Pandora Blake. She was a pleasure to work with and spank. We shot 3 scenes for Sarah Gregory Spanking and a bunch of scenes for Spanking 101, Paul’s new upcoming website.I did a female/female caning demo with her for the site.

Luckily we had a 4th person there to help when needed so we were able to get a scene with me, Pandora, and Paul. I had recently received an authentic English school uniform and bought a matching one, so we were able to use them in this school themed scene. Paul played my father and we were a father/daughter going as guests in a British school. He got the job and I came along to attend. Pandora, another student and I get in a fight and are sent to his office for a spanking, caning, and paddling. This will go up on Sarah Gregory Spanking soon!!

In another scene I spank Pandora for copying my term paper and getting in trouble at school for this. I come back to show her I was caned, so I spank and Cane her as revenge.

The third scene for my site is called The Initiation. Pandora plays a college sudent trying to get into a sorority. One of the pledges she must do is knock on a person’s door after being dropped off in a random neighborhood and asked to be spanked and then have a photo taken for proof.

6 thoughts on “England Part 3: Pandora Blake

  1. tim

    Sarah very nice pics look forward to your vids on your site with the other girls spankings and yours of course i tried to click the paddle for spanking 101 nothing happened ,love an spanks ,tim xx

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  3. Olivia Manners

    Glad to see that you put the uniform to use 🙂 Lovely to meet you ( and spank you! ) in London despite our rather rushed circumstances!

  4. Pandora Blake

    Love the pics! I had great fun shooting with you and it was lovely to meet you. Hope the rest of your trip went okay and you got home safe. Looking forward to seeing pics of you in some of the clothes you took away with you … 😉

  5. Mike

    how can i go about setting up a spanking session with you. i love to meet you and to get a spanking from you. you can even use a cane on my ass. maybe i can get chance to spank you too lol.


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