Sarah Gregory as a Naughty Diaper Girl

Yes, when I was in L.A. in May I did some shooting for Clare Fonda’s Naughty Diaper Girl website. It was really fun actually. I had fun getting in touch with my naughty baby side. I went up live on the website so you should check it out if you haven’t. Even is diapers is not your thing, it is extremely sexy as I do my baby strip tease and get spanked. Here are a few photos that I love from the shoot.

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Gregory as a Naughty Diaper Girl

  1. Clare Fonda

    Sarah, It was really fun to have you on Naughty Diaper Girls. When we did our scene where you played my sad daughter who was getting bullied at school I was reminded of what a splended little actress you are. Thank you for being so open-minded. Also, you have not changed a bit- leave it to you to ask for a HARDER spanking.

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    It seems like you are a girl of many talents, you look so cute with the soother in your mouth.And I can hardly wait to see your baby strip tease.
    Take Care
    Love AK

  3. Jefferson

    Sarah, I am enjoying you on Naughty Diaper Girls- I know soon you will be going over Mommy Clare’s lap!


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