Sarah In England Part 1

Well, me and Paul have been in the UK now for a little over a week. We have been doing a lot of sight seeing as well as shooting.It was hard to get this photo, but we managed to get a quick spanking shot in front of Stonehenge.

We hired the gorgeous, witty, and talented Amelia Jane Rutherford to shoot for us. She did 4 great scenes for Sarah Gregory Spanking and  bunch of short scenes for Paul’s upcoming site, Spanking101 the book. In one scene we played roommates and I spank Amelia to get her ready for her part in Kiss me Kate, as she has asked me, her friend, to show her what a real spanking feels like. I had a lot of fun, but my arm was very worn out and even broke a hairbrush. This girl has got buns of steal.

In the next scene she plays a naughty girl who is trying to sneak out to a party when her guardian, Paul Kennedy, from Northern Spanking, catches her and is not too happy. This will be called, Party Girl.

Next, I shot a scene where her and I get spanked by Paul Kennedy together, this was fun.

And the last scene she did for my site was a rather serious intense one that started off with a lighter theme and turned around with the improv of it to be more serious with real tears. Amelia gts spanked by both Pauls in this one.

I also shot for two well know UK based spanking sites, Northern Spanking, and TrippleASpanking. I took my first shall I say “real” caning and I don’t think it is something I would do again as a choice. It was not good for me and sort of felt a lot more like work than like something I would do on a regular basis. I didn’t like it much. The after effects were not fun either, I guess it is for some people and not for others. I do like being caned, don’t get me wrong, but just not to full strength. Photos from these two shoots to come later when I get some sent to me.

Tomorrow I shoot with Bars and Stripes, another UK based website. I will let you know how that goes.

5 thoughts on “Sarah In England Part 1

  1. tim

    Sarah glad you are enjoying being in England my home country ,isnt Amelie Jane lovely ,nice to see her on your vids on your site later on and the other girls if i see you while you are here ill say hullo ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  2. Spankedhortic

    I think that being caned is wonderful but am reminded of how many Brits, who have visited the US, have the same sentiments about the school paddle as you do about the cane. I suppose it depends on what you are used to 🙂


  3. Chief

    Hi Sarah
    You were a real trooper taking that caning off both Paul & myself! I think it is strange that many American girls hate the cane yet the English girls loathe and fear a wooden paddle! Prefectdt was right… but I say “Vive le difference!”

    Hope you & Paul have a safe trip back… better than my unfortunate bloody accident, anyways 🙁

    Stay in touch, it was great working with you!
    Chief. xx

  4. Paul Kennedy

    “Sarah doesn’t like the cane…” Hmmm, sounds like a good excuse for another visit to my office! You will LEARN to like it!!

    Great to work with you Sarah, have a safe trip home.


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