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Well, I have a level 1 sprained ankle. I guess that is what I get for going back to the club for a night to work. Those heels that strippers wear are just not very safe to wear all night….for a photo shoot yes, but for dancing, dangerous. Anyways, I am in a musical theater production and it opens in 3 weeks…….I hope I heal quickly.

On another note, I need some feedback. I am in the process of burning my new set of  DVDs to sell at the various vendor’s fairs this year and am trying to decide on some good titles and collections. For example, my ideas so far are, “Daddy Spanks Sarah,” with a collection of my M/f daddy Spankings, “School Days,” with 4 school videos, “Sarah Spanks her Naughty Girlfriends,” with clips of me spanking my girls. I am trying to make some more DVDs too, any ideas from my website members and those familiar with my videos? Thanks.

Ok, off to my photo shoot now.

7 thoughts on “A Question

  1. Granpa2008

    I love the older Daddy/adult daughter scenario!
    My baby is 31 and still needs a spanking about once a year. I will look for that DVD for sure!

  2. tim

    Sarah nice new masthead of your journal,heres a few suggestions for vid names Sarah spanks minxes ,spanks a lot ,Auntie Chelsea spanks young Sarah ,spanks and cuddles ,hope this helps you ,love spanks ,tim xx

  3. mark steward

    hi girl do you realy like it like that give me a chance an i will see don’t show me something
    you realy dont want me to see i know you better
    than that why are you showing something you
    dont want anybody to see sarah think about it

  4. Mike

    dont want give you or any male or female top a suggest but your cructhes could be use as a spanking toys wink wink lol

    so make sure you dont tease or poke any top with your crutches it just migth and that crutches might end up spanking your cute butt


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