My Birthday Spanking

So here is my birthday spanking video. I though it was so funny, that I just posted the whole thing instead of just editing and cutting out the spanking. I know it is a little bit long, but it just shows the real me and I think it is cute.


14 thoughts on “My Birthday Spanking

  1. Fuzzy Duck

    Does the feature this button on Spanking Tube not allow you to do this by copying and pasting the appropriate link. Great vid by the way next year can we see Sarah’s birthday spanking in her Birthday suit lol.

    Are we going to see more pics from your Florida adventures as well becuase the ones so far have been awesome


  2. Sarah Gregory Post author

    I tried copying and pasting the embeded code and I tried clicking on the add video thing in the post and put the url in and that only made it a link.

    Yes you will see lots more photos. I gotta spread them out…lol

  3. Mike

    i seen the video on spankingtube i love it was very cute and funny and you really are good looking young lady one thing was that only birthday spanking you got and was he only one give u one

  4. Seatscorcher

    Fellow Bay Stater,
    I love love love your shorter hair style…thanks for all you are doing for we in the spanking world. Happy belated Birthday to you!
    George from MA

  5. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I love your birthday spanking,it looks like you had a lot of fun.Also I would like to know if you have any plans on going to Punished Brats in the future?
    Keep smiling
    Love AK

  6. Michael Lane

    was not worth the time…. I tried to watch the whole thing but gave up. not worth posting


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