More from Florida shoots and fun

Well, the following days after my birthday in Florida were filled with shoots, shopping, and sun.

I saw the beautiful Florida Sunrise and seagulls having their early breakfast on my actual birthday, what a gorgeous site.

We had so much to pack into only 4 days. We spent the day after my birthday shooting with a popular fetish model, but new to spanking model, Miss Whitney Morgan.

She had a very outgoing and bubbly personality and was easy to talk to right off the bat. We were being so chatty that it was tough to focus and get started with the shoot. I shot 3 scenes with her for sarahgregoryspanking.

The first scene we shot was a scene where she and I played friends at a hotel with my dad on a business trip. We stay out all night and almost miss our morning flight. We come back drunk and I am even missing my panties which I sold off for money to buy more drinks. Let’s just say Dad isn’t too happy when we come stumbling in during the early morning hours. I don’t have a name for this video, if you have any suggestions, would love to hear them. Also, I always take plot ideas for my videos. Just send an email over to me at if you have any story lines to offer.

I rat Whitney out for it being her idea, so she gets more…hehe

Then she gets revenge on my booty.

Then in another scene which I call, BAD MODEL, Whitney and I play roommates and she steals my modeling job, so when I find out, I spank her to teach her a lesson.

Her butt was very sore and marked after a full day of shooting with me and Paul. She was such a trooper and took it all. I think she is a true spanko at heart.

The next shoot we had in Florida was with a girl named Vivian

…..and we had Galas back to have a shoot with three girls together. So HOT!!!

4 thoughts on “More from Florida shoots and fun

  1. Mike

    awesome job you are doing Sarah keep up the good work. bet you gaining more experience in spanking the naughty girls and feel more secure in dishing out what your normally get. which is a hard old fashion spankings

    i love girls with tattoo so the girl with tatto is hot i wouldnt mind get spanked by girl with tattoo look like you all did very good job keep on misbehaving so we can see you get spankings and keep handing out those punishment spankings like only you can

  2. tim

    Sarah wowee the pics are so hot as yourbotties are lol,look forward to the vids lovely new young girl spankees ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love the pictures, you are one sexy lady.How does it feel to hand out a spanking instead of receiving
    one??You look very stern with Whitney over your knee.
    Take Care
    Love AK

  4. KJ

    Sarah, I got to know you thru the videos on Girl Spanks Girl, especially Call Me First. You are excellent on all Clare’s sites and I do promise to join yours next.


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