L.A. Part 3 – EE3

Well, I am starting to get the hang of this blog thing even more. I am getting some help right now and hope to have my own theme and my custom header back soon. I love the color pink, so I gotta have some pink here.

Getting back to L.A. Well, on Sunday morning me, Beverly, and Ashley were up and getting ready nice and early. The cameraman came to pick us up and take us to the studio to shoot EE3 which will be available on Girl Spanks Girl sometime mid-August I am told. Yes, studio…..it was so cool to be at a real studio. We had a classroom set for EE3. I was so excited to be a part of EE3 this year. I had been a fan of EE1 and EE2. We arrived and got ready for the video. I have always had difficulty doing my own make-up, so Ashley Edmonds helped me out…..she is amazing at doing make-up and she taught me so much about it.

After we were all dressed and ready, we got right to work. Here is a photo of most of us girls almost ready to shoot. We were trying to do an America’s next top model kind of a photo. Unfortunatly, not everyone is in it. Included in the photo is, me, Beverly Baci, Ashely Edmonds, Jessica Bangkok, Kylee Reese, Kay Richards, and Naomi Cruise.

Then we were ready for EE3. Clare Fonda played Miss. Fonda, our teacher and Lana played Principal Miller. Here are some photos from EE3.

Here are some photos after the shoot of me and Beverly, me and Kay Richards, me and Kylee Reese, and some of just me.

After our very very long day of shooting EE3, Me, Clare, the cameraman, Beverly, and Ashley all went out for an amazing dinner.

10 thoughts on “L.A. Part 3 – EE3

  1. Winchester

    I don’t know what happens to comments on yourblog. I have left conments on his and previous blogs only one of which still stands! Do ytou just delete?

    I wanted to say how great I thought this entry was – and how much I look forward to seening more. I had notr come across Ashley before but BOY is she great! EE3 is a must for future viewing! I am glad you found Clare such a great hostess – it speaks well for the future! And I concur with SH (above) that the schoolgirl outfits are treeeemendous!!!!

  2. ds

    i am really looking forward for EE3!!
    you are so cute in this movie!
    really like a schoolgirl looks ^^

    from the picture, it seems all girls will be spank by Miss Fonda and Miss Lana this time
    no choice like EE2 – –

    hard lesson lol~ @@
    carry on ^^

  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Chloe – Thanks girl. Wish you were there too. I love working with you. I hope we can work together again soon!

    Spanking Hero – Thank you. I love dressing up like a school girl.

    Winchester – Yes, you are right. When I switched over from my free blog to my paid blog, I had to repost my entries and all the comments got lost in the reposting. I do not delete them. Sorry that yours got lost in the transfer.

    ds – Yes, we were all spanked by both of them. But, it was good. They are both amazing spankers.

  4. Beverly Baccci

    I am impressed by your tenacity when it comes to long days shooting like this. By dinner time in that picture I was one helluva scowling mess. That wine couldn’t get down the hatch quick enough!
    Keep up the good work.


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