L.A. Part 2 – Second day of shooting

Day two of L.A. was just as fun and just as productive as day one. Ashley Edmonds arrived in the morning as she was going to be in EE3 and doing scenes for the new “call girls” site. She is a very organized, friendly, professional, and beautiful girl. I really liked getting to know her. Clare didn’t arrive to shoot until around 3pm, so we just relaxed and got to know each other for the morning an afternoon. When Clare and the cameraman arrived, we prepared to shoot. We shot for the new site and we did a scene for Spanked Sweeties. For the “call girl” site, I spank Ashley for selling out me, her friend, for a finder’s fee. Mama Clare shows up and doesn’t like that I have taken matters into my own hands. She spanks me for spanking Ashley and then she spanks us both and when she leaves, Ashley gets back at me. I know, a lot of spanking…..but oh what fun we had.

After we shot for “call girls” we were each interviewed for Spanked Sweeties and then did a mother daughter scene where we played sisters and Clare played our mom. We were having a pillow fight and made too much noise. Our mother, Clare, was downstairs having a meeting and was called up to the room because complaints came that her daughters were being too loud. She spanks us both for being too loud in the hotel.


After our afternoon and evening shooting, we all went out for some dinner.

Here is a photo of Clare Fonda, me, Beverly Baci, and Ashely Edmonds.

9 thoughts on “L.A. Part 2 – Second day of shooting

  1. Winchester

    WOW! Some pretty hot scenes – and great photos. Glad you had a ball! When does he call-girl site get up and running? It certainly seems to promis great things. I haven’#t come across Ashley before – I llok forard to seeing more of her!

    Has switching been in your armnoury before? Or were these with Care the first expereineces of it for you? You certainly look the part as a top. But which do yo prefer? Beng spane or spankee?

  2. cutiepie

    wow these pictures are HOT!!!!

    Can’t wait to her more about the new Clare Fonda site.

    welcome the the blogging world cutie:)

    smacks and kisses

  3. the Serial Spanker

    True, there are many very hot young ladies being bared and spanked these days. It’s almost too much for a man to bear. But I have to say that I find Clare Fonda a very hot very spankable girl herself. I realize she’s mostly on the spanking end than the receiving end, but I’d love to see her wiggling and squirming over someone’s lap trying to twist out of the way of the wooden hairbrush. Just the thought of it makes me pulse with arousal. I know Clare appreciates the erotic intensity of a well-administered spanking so I hope my observations make her smile with delight.

  4. Pixie

    Looks like you had an amazing time and helped make some fantastic spanking scenes. And to think you’re only up to Day 2!! Can’t wait to see more as I continue to blogstalk you. 🙂

  5. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Winchester – I am not sure when the call girl site will be up and running. Switching is not something I generally do. I will if I am asked for a shoot and am being paid, but I much prefer to be the bottom. I have topped for Clare and Chelsea. I am a true bottom though.

    cutiepie – Thanks

    serial spanker – I agree that Clare is very hot and very spankable, however, i love having her spank me.

    Pixie – We did have an amazing time and made some pretty awesome scenes. Yay for blogstalking!

  6. Lord Hard Hand

    Hi Sarah;

    As usual great pics. As I was checking your website I was wondering… Those picture in your room after the beach were they because you got sent to your room, spanked and grounded?…. LOL!….

    I hope the answer is yes and you have pics of the spanking… LOL!


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