L.A. Part 4 – Meeting Chelsea

Beverly and I got up today and got ready to go and shoot with Chelsea Pfieffer for her site,

We were a little nervous about what Chelsea would say after she saw how marked up our bottoms were from our previous shoots with Clare Fonda. Chelsea wasn’t angry, but she didn’t seem too happy either. She sounded unsure about who would be spanking who and what the scenes were going to be. She tells the story about it in her journal. I was just so excited to FINALLY meet her. I mean since I got into this industry a little over a year ago, I had wanted to meet/work with Chelsea and it was finally going to come true. It was so funny, Chelsea said that I reminded her of an eager puppy, cause when I found out she might not be spanking me after all due to all the marks I had, I said…”please Chelsea, spank me, please spank me.” She thought it was cute. She did end up spanking me after all. I didn’t come all the way to L.A. to not get spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer. Well, the scene was that Beverly and I were sisters who snuck out of Aunt Chelsea’s house to go and do a spanking video that we saw an add for in the newspaper. Beverly and I compare bruises to each other and it turns into a spank off until Aunt Chelsea comes in and gives us “REAL” spankings. We didn’t want real ones we exclaim……but it was too late. It is called, ‘Paid and Paid Back’. Here are a few pictures from the shoot.(I will edit this post and add more as I get more. I want to put up some of Chelsea spanking me).

First, Beverly Spanks me.

Hehe….then I get her back.

This scene is now available on

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