Thank you Spank Bad Ass.

Well, my blog is finally coming together and it is all thanks to Spank Bad Ass. He is very computer and internet smart. His blog is called Spanking Naughty Bottoms. You should check it out if you haven’t, it is very up to date with all the latest news in the industry. I couldn’t have made my blog without his help. Thank you! Also, if there are any suggestions or questions anyone has for me I can create posts to address your questions as I go along with my blog. Is there anything you are just dying to know about me? My opinions on things? ect.?

8 thoughts on “Thank you Spank Bad Ass.

  1. Winchester

    Visited his blog – may well return in due course, but our thanks to him are for YOUR blog.

    QUESTION – do you prefer M/f or F/f? And WHY? You are great in the F/f (on Punished Brats and elsewhere) – but how about the other? Are you in a domestic disciplene relationship? And if so, is it M/f, F/f or f/f ( the difference between the last two being the age of the domme!).

  2. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Winchester – Thank you for the detailed questions. I appreciate it. I will address them in a future post. I will save it in my files. I want to dedicate a whole post to them for everyone to read.

    SBA – You’re welcome! You rock too!

    Clare – Thanks for giving me SBA’s email address and encouraging me to make a blog. I woulda never thought it possible, but it was and it is.

  3. Dave

    Regarding blog post ideas, would love to hear your feelings about Topping versus Bottoming….which one you prefer, etc 🙂

    Thanks! Keep up the great bloggin,

  4. TC

    I for one would like to know more about you… How you got into this, what you like the most, and things about you… What else you like to do… And the thing we ALL want to know… Are you single 🙂

    But you and Chloe are my favs BY FAR! I am really glad that you got a Blog! You are beautiful



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