Last shoot in L.A.

On my last day in L.A. I shot again for Chelsea Pfeiffer. The scenes we shot will be available on

We shot a short scene where I played her daughter and got drunk on my 21st birthday in front of the whole family and she spanks me for it when we get home. Chelsea doesn’t usually play the part of “mom” but when we were all dressed and ready to shoot we looked at each other and she said that it would only make sense to play my mom cause we looked so much alike. Mother/Daughter scenes are my favorite kind to be in, so when she said that, it was so cool and I was so excited that she would do that for me. Here is a photo of us before we shot the scene.

Here are a few photos from the scene.

After that scene we shot a Chelsea Spanks. I was super nervous about this as I knew there was no calling “cut” and it was a half hour of spanking. She said I would be able to handle it, so I trusted her and sure enough I did it and not only that but I did really well. I took the hair brush, a leather square paddle thing, and a large leather paddle.

Here is a photo of me and Chelsea right before we shot the CS.

Here are some photos from the CS.

9 thoughts on “Last shoot in L.A.

  1. Jim

    Hey, Sarah,

    I, and a multitude of others, are really glad that you have your own web site now. It makes it a lot easier to follow you and your adventures.

    My Punished Brat membership is expiring and I’m thinking of switching to Chelsea’s just to see you in action again. Oh, hell, maybe I’ll do both.

    I haven’t seen anyone get a more convincing spanking than you. Your facial expressions are absolutely terrific. Keep up the great work.

    It’s nice that you like girls. I do too. I’ve never seen you spanked by a guy. It that why?

    Can you post the shot of you wearing the blue dress that you have on your myspace page on this blog? Whoa, way too sexy!!

    I’m looking forward to your interview on The Spanking Spot. Hope I remember that correctly.

    Thanks again for the blog. Keep posting.


  2. Will

    You two really do make a wonderful mother/daughter pair. (hats off, to the casting director, if their is one!lol!)…

    ..I’m looking forward to seeing the photos from the shoot.

    lil spanks* to you both…Naughty, drinkin! Cheers!


  3. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    I LOVE to see you getting firmly spanked. And to go with such a bruised bottom to Chelsea certainly earns you another spanking from her!
    This time on a virgin white, unblemished bottom and straight on the BARE..!
    Naughty girl have to learn..!

    Love you for what you’re doing! 🙂 XXX

  4. Winchester

    What sensational piccies. Thank you! And as Funbun has said – daring to go to Chelsea with an already severely marked bottom should certainly have earned another real spanking! Her way of getting round the fact that you and Beverly were both already bruised was very clever indeed. (Must seriously think about getting a membership there). What a thoughtful lady she is to have found a way to employ you and not give you a wasted journey without financial recompense.

    It was pretty brave of you to go with a Cheslea s;panks when your bottom was already bruised. How did the hairbrush feel in that third piccie from the bottom? It looks as if it must have been excruciating.

    Actually, do you mark easily? Some people bruise far more readily than others – and Clare’s spankings are, of the East Coast three (Clare, Chelsea and Dallas) are generally thought not to mark as badly as the others – hence the progression in that order! (Have you thought of Dallas yet?) But then EE3 had other spankers too. Also, do your bruises go inwards first and then come to the surface? Or is it a fairly instant surface reaction?

    Keep up the good work and the facial expressions – and book another visit to Chelsea – the dynamic there is clear even in the still photographs.

  5. Winchester

    You did of course have a pretty fair round of spankings at Clare’s – what with the new Call Girls’ site (when will that be uip and running?) spanked sweeties, and EE3. so with all that before Chelsea you were perhaps rightly showing a few bruises 🙂 You evidently had a great time – but just how long afterwards was sitting uncomfortable! Do you have a vanilla day-job? And if so, how did you cope when you got back home!

  6. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Jim – Yes, you are right. I don’t get spanked by guys, as I am not comfortable with that. I like girls and therefore only liked to be spanked by them. I might one day let a guy spank me, but not as of now. I hope they still want me to do the interview, I have not heard back from the spanking spot yet. I will post those pics of me in the blue dress when I have the chance. Maybe I can make a gallery here, but how….hmmmm?

    Will – Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the pics and get to see the video on Good Spanking which you can click on from my blog.

    Spanking OTK – I would love to exchange links, I put your link in my blogroll already.

    Funbun – Thanks you very much. I am glad you like my work. I hope next time I work with Chelsea she gets me first, so she has the white bottom to mark up, like you say.

    Winchester – Surprisingly enough, the hairbrush hurt less than the leather paddle she used on me after the hairbrush, that was excruiciating. But, it was very sore and very stingy regardless. I mark pretty easily, but the redness seems to go away quickly. But to be honest, Clare went to town on me with the hairbrush and hand in EE3, in my eyes she spanked just as hard as Chelsea did. Thus she bruised me up before going to Chelsea. My bruises go inwards first then appear the next day or later that night ususally. And, no I don’t plan on working with Dallas, a little to severe for my taste and I don;t work with guys anyways. I do have a vanilla day job, but I had enough days in between so I was ok to go back to work.


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