Who Doesn’t Love Traditional Spanking?

Spread legs, wet pussies, bouncing tities, that is not for everyone, esp. not many of the purest spankos or traditionalists. Though I film a lot of spanking on the more sexually explicit side of things, I pride myself as having mainly traditional spanking films for my members. Ok, I throw in the occasional sexy girl/girl film, but for the most part I offer you the traditional. My fetish is just that anyway, so when I am making spanking films, the daddy/daughter, mommy/daughter, teacher/student traditional stuff is where my mind goes anyways. Nothing turns me on more than watching a strict teacher punish his student or an angry father spank his daughter so I really understand what the purest spankos want. To be honest, spreading a girls legs apart and grabbing her bottom does nothing for me sexually, but I know it appeals to some and is hot, so I do film that as well. I mean I have fun with it, but I just don’t get turned on. I love slut shaming a girl, but for me it is fun, not sexual, though I know those buying the films it is obviously sexual. Many of you know my partner and boyfriend, John Osborne, has a tendency to do less traditional films for AAA Spanking. Well now with my influence we are going to try and take it into a more traditional direction with a lot more daddy, uncle, teacher, and mommy videos. And just this week we put up Alex Reynolds in a very traditional dorm style punishment. Alex Reynolds also went up recently on Sarah Gregory Spanking in a traditional Daddy/Daughter spanking film.  And the website Momma Spankings kinda requires traditional stuff lol, though I have put up a couple of films that included diapers, but again, done the right way, by mom, this is very traditional and maternal.

Here are some photos from some of my more traditional films that went up recently on Sarah Gregory Spanking. First we have Alex Reynolds, and Paul Rogers, in “Daddy Spanks Alex.”

“Daddy is not happy when he receives a phone call from hotel security that his 18 year old daughter has been at the bar drinking. When confronted, Alex lies to his face. Now, she will not only be spanked for the underage drinking, but also for the lying. Daddy takes his naughty daughter, Alex, over his knee for a hard spanking over her cute dress, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her punishment ends after daddy takes the belt to her. She is one sorry little girl.”

daddy_spanks_alex_00050daddy_spanks_alex_00070 daddy_spanks_alex_00075daddy_spanks_alex_00099daddy_spanks_alex_00101 daddy_spanks_alex_00107

Another recently posted traditional daddy/daughter film stars super cute Casey Calvert. In Casey’s Bedtime Punishment. Casey gets a spanking from Daddy for being such a bad girl.

“This is a short sharp shock punishment for Casey. Fade in on Casey waiting in her Pajamas for Daddy. She knows she has been a naughty girl and she knows how daddy handles naughty girls. In he comes and over his knee she goes. She pleads and says how sorry she is but daddy just keeps spanking her.”

caseys_bedtime_punishment_00005 caseys_bedtime_punishment_00007caseys_bedtime_punishment_00009caseys_bedtime_punishment_00023 caseys_bedtime_punishment_00030caseys_bedtime_punishment_00054

And this week on Momma Spankings, Adriana Evans play older sister to Ten Amorette in this traditional family style film, “Sisterly Love.”

“Adriana is Ten’s older sister and is very worried about her behavior. Ten is being reckless, staying out all night, hanging out with the wrong people, and just not being responsible. Since their parents are not around is it Adriana who looks out for Ten. And looking out also means punishing her as she sees fit. She love her sister and doesn’t want to see her continue down an unsafe path. Adriana spanks her to not only teach her a lesson, but also to show her how much she cares and want’s Ten to be a more responsible young lady.”

sisterly_love_00023sisterly_love_00033sisterly_love_00057 sisterly_love_00058sisterly_love_00065 sisterly_love_00068

And last week on Momma Spankings an amazing part of a larger film to be released later in the summer. “Mommy Spanks Bianca” This is one of my top selling clips right now on clips4sale – surprise surprise.  I also loved working with Bianca Rose, she is so talented.

“This is a short scene from a long play 1950s discipline film to be released late in the summer on Sarah Gregory Spanking. This is a very hot mommy daughter scene and I was so excited to give everyone a sneak peak into the huge project I am working on. Bianca plays Jennifer and Tasha plays her strict mother. Jennifer has been breaking many rules at school and now mommy must deal with her naughty behavior. Jennifer was made to change into a “punishment” outfit and go over mommy’s knee for some hard spanking. She kicked and cried out in pain until her bottom was sore, hot, and red.”

mommy_spanks_bianca_00028 mommy_spanks_bianca_00047mommy_spanks_bianca_00063 mommy_spanks_bianca_00082mommy_spanks_bianca_00068mommy_spanks_bianca_00084

On Triple A Spanking,  as mentioned above is a very traditional spanking film with Alex Reynolds called “Dormitory Discipline.”

“Alex Reynolds had been punished in the main Boarding School building for smoking earlier that day and was sulking in her room and not ready for bed at all… she refused to conform and had brought in a forbidden Black Duvet Cover on her last visit home instead of the “Parents choice” (in this case Alex should have had “Care Bears” covers) that she detested. She had also hidden all the implements of correction that were supposed to be on permanent display in her dorm room. So when she was caught, still in school uniform, using her phone at lights out… there could only be one outcome. The implements were soon found and she was made to strip and get into her regulation night gown in front of the Dorm Master before enduring a painful reminder of what happened to naughty girls that continued to defy strict school guidelines. This video features much strapping and use of heavy wooden implements such as a hardwood hairbrush and rattan carpet beater. Strict, mean and nasty: This is one punishment Alex wished she had avoided right before bedtime!”

alexr017alexr030 alexr038alexr043 alexr039

Another one of my all time favorite traditional spanking films on Triple A Spanking is called “Spanked After School.” I would love to work with Ella Hughes, but I guess that will never happen 🙁

“This film features two firsts – Aleesha Fox made her debut as a stern, matriarchal figure spanking another new girl to the site, Ella Hughes, dressed in an authentic gingham dress school uniform. Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family! She was spanked OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare and then given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain. Watch this traditional no nonsense film on how we used to discipline naughty schoolgirls at home in real 1980’s surroundings for that added authentic feel of days gone by!”

spanked-after-school002 spanked-after-school006spanked-after-school010 spanked-after-school025spanked-after-school029spanked-after-school033spanked-after-school062 spanked-after-school078spanked-after-school083 spanked-after-school104

9 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Traditional Spanking?

  1. Ms Ash

    Oh goodness, this is definitely my favourite too…Mommy/daughter is and has always been the best for me 🙂 I already have both the Mommy/daughter clips from this post!

    Keep up the great work <3

    1. Kay

      Right back at you Ms Ash. Mommy/daughter is exhilarating for me. And Sarah’s traditional clips are fantastic. Some of the best out there in my opinion.

      Cool and definitely interesting post Sarah!


      PS: Awesome party at Lone Star! I had a blast!!

  2. Dale

    Sarah – I’m so happy that you bring these wonderful films to life – – Lots of the websites out there try and bring the “sexy” into their content, and that’s all well and good, but I always have been a fan of the traditional spanking scene, and you articulated that view perfectly!! You continue to impress me with your openness and your candor, which is one of the reasons that you are the favorite of so many, especially ME!!

  3. Peter

    I am a fan of all your work Sarah, you are the best.
    I am so looking forward to the new 1950s Movie you are Writing about in this post.
    When will it be released on DVD?


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