Fun Photo Shoot with Alan Pedroso

Well, I am winding down my Miami trip and preparing to head back to cold and snowy Connecticut tomorrow as I want to be there when my sweetie, John, arrives. We are going to be celebrating my Birthday since it is Thursday. Lots of yummy Birthday spankings in store for me and my party is Saturday.

My Miami trip wasn’t as much as I had expected as the weather was pretty cloudy and mild and most of my sessions cancelled. So it was pretty disappointing. I had some good times with Johnny though and an awesome photo shoot as usual with one of my favorite photographers, Alan Pedroso. I have been shooting with him for years and we always collaborate on some really cool works of art. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. He gives me all the photos so I can edit the ones I like, so these are edited by me and taken by him. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full photo!


IMG_0153_edit_wm_small IMG_0261_edit_wm_small IMG_0021_edit_wm_small IMG_0298_edit_wm_small IMG_0511_edit_wm_small IMG_0366_edit_wm_small IMG_0413_edit_wm_small IMG_0237_edit_wm_small IMG_0286_edit_wm_small IMG_0492_edit_wm_small IMG_0339_edit_wm_small IMG_0345_edit_wm_small


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