Step Daughters and Slumber Parties

What’s New these days on my sites? This week  one of my favorite videos is on Sarah Gregory Spanking. It stars Amelia Jane Rutherford, me, and my man. Last time I was in England we hired Amelia for a day and this video is one from that day. I have a thing for PJ spankings. I just love getting spanked in PJs. so here is a HOT PJ Spanking video called ‘Slumber Party Spankings’ this week on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah has snuck her friend Amelia in for a sleep-over. Daddy doesn’t know and has made it clear no sleep-overs. When Daddy discovers Sarah has Amelia there he shows Amelia what happens when his daughter lies to him, a bare bottom spanking. Amelia will get the same punishment and is not happy at all about this at all.










On Momma Spankings we have yet another video where I spank a naughty young lady. I play step-mom to Stevie Rose, she is a super cute spankable blonde. I have been really enjoying playing the mom character lately. I am planning a few more videos in the near future similar to this one. This video is called Step Daughter Spanked.

Step Mom Sarah is not happy when her step daughter is brought up from the casino to their hotel room. She has been gambling and is under age. Daddy has given Sarah full permission to punish this naughty girl as she sees fit. Stevie is taken OTK and give a spanking over her tight shorts and then on the bare bottom before ending with a hard hairbrush spanking.






3 thoughts on “Step Daughters and Slumber Parties

  1. Tim

    Sarah yes so do I especially with you and super girls like very lovely English girl Amelia being spanked ,like it when you spank other cute girls ,best spanks Tim congrats as runner up for Spanking Sarah G. in Johns poll .

  2. Pul Down

    Hi Sarah,

    I had been waiting for the pyjama spanking scene you have released to be on line. Immediately went to your site to get. I purchased time on your site as I wanted the pyjama spanking you did called Social Meadia so was more cost effective ot have a months viewing than using clips4sale.

    i had to ask john through his blogg how to get the pics to download. Yours is not a method I have come across before. But her helped. I love everything about this vid, the story line is unique the two of you girls are perfect in your jamas and the jamas are perfect too.
    Joun mentioned that you loved pyjama spankings and I have enjoyed two you have done for ShawdowLane in the past. i know you have done so many more but from my point of view they don’t stand up to the aforementioned ones as you have underwear below your jammies. Not a criticism of you just a statement of my particular interest in pyjama spanking sets.

    John has promise that he intents to carry out a number of pyjama spanking scenes while in USA when he is over next. I do so hope that a number include you. If they are the same standard as this last one I don’t think my feet will ever touch the ground again.

    Best regards from a pyjama spanking fanatic/ obsessive/purist and lover Paul.

  3. NJSpank


    As sexy as your bottom is being spanked, you my dear are an amazing and sexy lap…..I would so love to be over your knee…..



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