Spanking with Julianne Leigh

This week I shot with a brand new girl to the spanking scene, Julianne Leigh.

Though not very experienced with spanking…this girl took one hell of a spanking from me. I actually spanked her harder than I thought I could spank, but she said she could take it…so I went for it. She has a great personality, is very talented, and super cute. I hope to have one of her videos up on Sarah Gregory Spanking within the next couple of weeks. We shot 4 scenes. She spanked me for 2 and I spanked her for 2. I got to do a school girl scene…where guess what? I WAS THE TEACHER. It was so fun being in a new role when it comes to school shoots. I really got into “top” mode more than I have in the past. I think that because Julianne actually cried…as she said she would, it got me more into the role. The scolding just flowed naturally.

leather strap made by Cane-iac

3 thoughts on “Spanking with Julianne Leigh

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Well I have to say that I never had a teacher that looked as good as you when I went to school.If I did I would have been happy to let her spank me.
    Love the new site I hope you are getting lots of new members.
    And Julianne is a lovely young lady, she looks like
    she really enjoys her work.
    As always
    Love AK

  2. tim

    Sarah wow young Julianne looks hot s a new spankee and spanker look forwad to the vids later on ,love and spanks from tim xx


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