Daddy spankings…

This week on Sarah Gregory Spanking, Mike Billa spanks me as my daddy in Credit Card Comeuppance.

“When Sarah’s parents go out of town, they leave her the credit card for emergencies and tell her she cannot have any company to the house. So, Sarah figures having people to a hotel would be ok then. She “borrows” the credit card, gets a hotel room and orders food and drinks for 30 people. Daddy isn’t too happy when he finds her….”

As a lot of you know, I started in this biz only letting women spank me. Over the oast year, I have become more and more comfortable with men spanking me. When I get into the headspace of daddy’s little girl, it becomes easier and more natural for me. The mommy spankings were always my favorite, well it seems like the daddy spankings are taking their well earned spot as another favorite. When I feel comfortable enough with a man, as in, I have known them for awhile, I build up a trust with them that allows me to let go and go where I need to be in my head in order to create the kind of spanking atmosphere that works. I will have many new videos of being daddy’s naughty little girl on Sarah Gregory Spanking.

In addition to my new site news, I also want to wish Pixie my best in her recovery and healing process. I know it sucks being in the hospital and I hope she gets better soon. She is a dear dear friend of mine and a wonderful person all around. I love this girl.

*Also…if I am slow to respond back to you, well slower than usual, I have been dealing with a family emergency since I got back from Boardwalk Badness weekend. My site will still be updated every other day with photo and video.

9 thoughts on “Daddy spankings…

  1. tim

    Sarah lovely photo of pixie and yourself yes the poor girl is in hospital again bless her ,i have left messages for her on her blog as many have and hope she will be out very soon .sorry to hear you have problems too and that they are sorted out soon ,love and spanks from your chum Tim xxx

  2. Lorraine

    Your site looks really good. I’ve enjoyed your work for Punished Brats and Spanking Roommates, and wish you all the best. Thanks for mentioning Pixie, she’s so loved, and we’re all sending her positive vibes.

  3. tomthedom

    lovely picture of two very cute bottoms – pun intended – so sad you and pixie have trouble in rl. sending you both resolving energies.
    all the best.tom

  4. DrLectr

    hope your family situation works out for the best dear. Glad to hear you had a good shoot with Mike.

  5. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love your new site and can hardly wait to see more
    That is a beautiful picture of you and Pixie,I hope
    that you are both together again soon, either on
    Punished Brats or on Sarah Gregory Spanking.
    Also hope your family emergency works out for
    As always
    Love You

  6. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    Such a great picture of you and Pixie–two very lovely, warm and friendly ladies. Thanks for posting it!

    Here’s wishing Pixie a speedy return from the hospital. And I wish you all the best in dealing with your family emergency….

    Dr. Ken


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