Upcoming travels, new models, and more

Hey all…so I am about to board a plane next week for another trip out to the beautiful California. I only have two shoots confirmed, but hope to book a few more. I will be shooting for my new site with Chelsea Pfeiffer and with Dana Specht, both of whom are spectacular spankers.

I have also been doing a lot of local shooting with some new faces to the spanking world. This week on Sarah Gregory Spanking, I introduce Audrey Lynn, an adorable brunette who gives a very good spanking.

In Disrespectful Student, Miss Lynn is the new young substitute teacher. Sarah seems to think that just because there is a sub, she doesn’t have to follow the school rules. Miss Lynn is fed up with being disrespected and ignored, so she uses some good old fashioned corporal punishment to deal with Sarah’s unruly behavior.

I have also been working with Cane-iac on a special project and in the mean time, they have sent me some beautiful implements to use on my site.

Thanks for all your support.

xxx, Sarah

8 thoughts on “Upcoming travels, new models, and more

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love the pictures, they look great.And Audrey Lynn looks like a cutie.And has the Naughty Sarah
    paddle been used on your cute butt yet???
    I hope you have a good time in California with
    Chelsea and Dana they are two of the best tops in
    the spanking world.
    Again have a great trip
    Love AK

  2. Richie

    Got computer working again and just looked at your site. Wow! Love Audrey Lynn… bring her in with you! Have fun out west and let me know when in next. Always like to see you even if can’t do a dance. XOXO

  3. DrLectr

    not a big fan of the cane, but good to see you branching out to trying this severe implement. keep up the great work.

  4. PaulH

    I am a huge fan of the cane but couldn’t help but notice that I have never seen you being caned before Sarah. Care to tell us a little more about your feelings towards this wonderful implement?


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