California travels

Well, here I am at the famous Mistress Stephanie Locke’s house writing my first blog post on my travels. I am at my third stop along in my trip. I had an unexpected stay with some new friends I made while shooting on Wednesday with Spank That Brat and Cameron Dawn. I met super cute couple, Katherine St. James and Kyle Johnson. We became instant friends and were already making plans to shoot together at another time in my stay on the west coast.

They and I both have clips4sale online stores. So, the plan was to shoot a bunch of content for both our stores and sites, otherwise known as a trade shoot.

We shot a few scenes for Spank that Brat and for Cameron Dawn’s spanking site on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday night I stayed at their house and we stayed up late talking, singing karaoke, and planning our shoots for the next day. We shot sooooo much wonderful content. We did scenes dealing with themes of dragons, cheerleaders, bitchy girlfriends, making out, and birthdays.

All of the videos to go with these photos will soon be available in my clips4sale store.

We still have so many more ideas and plan to get together again in April to shoot more. Kyle has such a great business sense and is very smart. I think he has and will continue to teach me a lot about running a business.

Stephanie Locke and I shot some amazing spanking videos today. I can’t wait to tell you more about them in my next update. But here are two sneak peak photos….

and yes, that is a face after a long emotional release filled with tears.

13 thoughts on “California travels

  1. paula

    The fact that you are able to shoot so much content in one day means that the spanking must be very lame.
    Why would would I pay to see any of this stuff?

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Glad to hear you are having a good time in
    California and have met some new friends. As always I love the photos, and can’t wait until
    your next update.
    Take care and have fun
    Love AK

  3. Jade

    Hi Sarah:
    Very nice photos with spank that brat. It was kinda sad that Abi and Audrey broke up and no longer work for STB. They were so cute and fun together! I wish them luck though.
    As usual, enjoy your postings.

  4. Southerngirl

    I just saw your Valentine’s Day spanking on spank that brat. It was so cute! You were very bratty but in a super adorable way. Kyle was a cute guy, fresh faced with rosy cheeks.
    Good to hear that you had a great time in CA. Take care.

  5. tim

    Sarah nice pics Paula was being rude she needs spanks lol Audrey is starting a new site soon Pixie is otk with her saw a pic looks great ,you have been busy lok forward to your vids soon look i meant .,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  6. Chelsea Pfeiffer

    If you think the spanking were lame, why don’t you try taking them? Why do you bother visiting blogs only to leave negativity and hate. Go away. We don’t want to see you here or on any spanking blogs, sicko.

  7. AK

    Hello Sarah
    I have to agree with Chelsea, Paula probably
    needs to be taken over Chelsea’s knee and given
    a good butt warming.
    Instead of paying to see it Paula why don’t you
    try it.
    Have fun
    Love AK

  8. Kyle Johnson

    The spankings werent lame at all. You dont have to spend an entire day on one video when you have great chemistry and good enough equipment to handle it, along with being able to take a spanking like Sarah can. Gosh, some people these days…

    Glad you guys liked the Valentines video… and my rosy cheeks I guess??? lol :-p


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