Hello California

Just arrived in not so sunny California. Hopefully it will warm up a bit. I am here to do some shooting with a few of my favorite producers/friends. I am also here to just get away and have time to be away from vanilla life for a bit. I was so wrapped up in the musical I was in, that spanking went to the back burner for awhile. This winter/spring I am planning on focusing on spanking as a top priority, as well as my class in web design, my work and relationships. I will update as I shoot with photos and adventures.

3 thoughts on “Hello California

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Glad to hear that you are back,I really missed
    you and kept checking your blog daily.
    I hope you have a fun time in California and you
    get your butt turned red.
    Again have a lot of fun
    Love AK


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