Happy New Years from Sarah Gregory

I am wishing you all a very happy and healthy new years. I spent the evening with my mom watching movies and tv, as my other plans fell through. Hope you all had a wonderful evening to bring in the new year.

I also have a bit of news. I bought myself a Christmas present this year, a very expensive gift at that…a puppy. He is so cute. but a lot of work. Say hello to Maxi.

16 thoughts on “Happy New Years from Sarah Gregory

  1. ddon

    lo’ sarah,

    what a cutie, just like his mistress. is it a corgi?

    i’m a big fan but poor as a churchmouse. i only see your work with punished brats [my only paid site]. i wish i could contribute to you. maybe in a few month things will be better.

    i’d like to comission some old fashoned cheesecake shots. no one is doing this now and you have that wonderfully expresive face that would work so well in this. if this would be okay i’d save up for it.

    in the late 1940’s and early 50’s this was quite a genre. lots of skirts being blown by the wind, girls loosing their panties while carrying armfulls of grocerys.

    my dream sequence would be a captioned strip tease:
    a head shot – smile of regognition.

    another bigger smile – she knows and likes you.

    another – shocked – WHAT?? – you’ve made a suggestion.

    full figure – consternation, a little angry- NO!!

    arms crossed, foot stamping – absolutely not.

    arms still crossed but expression melting – mimosas and a box of lindt chockolates???

    shy smile – back rub and foot massage???

    downward shy smile – welllllll.

    the underssing would encompass many shots at each stage . after the bra is history much covering of breasts as she tries to divest her skirt and slip without showing much.

    a shot in pants with arms covering breasts then
    a shot arms at sides with shy smile

    a look of piqued horror- this is as far as i go!

    a melting look – a dozen canolies????

    shots of pants comming down with much covering up

    a few september morn shots.

    finally a modest full frontal shot- loving smile.

    i hope this hasn’t offended you? if you did this you might have a small steady income over time selling it. you go to many events and a print folio could be autographed and sold there.

    i hope you and GF get together for a belated new years.

    if you’ve never been to Frank Pepe Pizzaria Napolitana in new haven for heaves sake go.

    take 84 to 8 to 95 and get off at any downtown exit. ask anyone for wooster st.

    take in the yale art gallery too.

    all the best to you and maxie from,

    ddon, bootsie & blachykitty

  2. tim

    Sarah lovely doggy ,yes cutie i had a nice Christmas and early new year glad you did too much enjoyed the vid at spanking roommates with you and the other girls big spanks pink blushy botties wowee ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah and Maxi
    Happy New Year to you both,what a nice way to
    spend New Years your mother must have been very happy to have you there. I also spent a quiet
    evening just relaxing.
    I wish you all the best for the coming year and hope
    all your dreams come true.
    Take Care
    Love AK

  4. Richard Windsor

    Hi Sarah,

    And a happy new year to you to!!

    Following the roaring success of the spanking universe, and after blogger deleted the original, I am happy to announce that the Spanking Universe is back. I purchased a website last week and you can see the new page here:


    Your site was added on its inception and I would like to request that you update your old link to the Universe to the new link, which is:


    The exact link above will direct everyone to the updates page. Let the HITS begin, we are back, bigger than ever!!

    Nearly 50% of sites have already linked back and as I did before, should sites choose not to link back in I will create a separate list for them. It is only fair to sites that link back in to separate them from sites that don’t. Next weekend I will be separating the list and those sites that don’t link back will be on the sidebar as a regular text link.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation in updating your links. You won’t be troubled any more by me trying to promote the site for the benefit of the community.

    Richard Windsor.

  5. LordHardHand

    Happy New Year Sarah and Maxi.

    Now Sarah tell the truth you misbehave and got a spanking and then grounded so you couldn’t go out to party…… LOL!

    I wish you the best for 2010!!!

  6. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    That’s a great gift to yourself–a bundle of fur and unconditional love! Maxi is almost as adorable as you are! Congratulations, and best wishes for 2010!

    Dr. Ken

  7. Clare

    He has to meet his big Daddy MaXXXi some day and his steo mom, Gobbletini. He looks great i see a little shep in him??? Very alert! Keep in otuch as I am posting a page about you soon

  8. Friend

    Enjoy Maxi as he will be you friend for ever reguardless of what happens in your life. And he will alway be happy to see you when you get home after a bad day or a good day!
    I hope 2010 brings you all your dreams, and I hope to see you again in a few months. Best wishes from Denver, CO

    You know who!

  9. tim

    Sarah look forward to your next post your photo story with young jadie is now uo at northern spanking ,nice ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  10. Michael F

    just a few lines to say hi !!!!!!!!!!! And to remind you i am your biggest fan , also i am so very proud of you.

  11. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Spankedhortic – A chiwawa (can’t spell it?) Terrier mix

    Richie – See you when I get back from California

    tim – glad you had a good holiday season.

    AK – Thank you so much! Thanks also for the nice gift.

    Crystal – I think so too.

    LordHardHand – No, but that would make a good story.

    Dr. Ken – Thank you and best wishes to you.

    Clare – Yes, he does one day, but unless I move to Cali, don’t know how that would happen…too bad.

    brion – Thanks.

    Friend – Thanks and looking forward to seeing you again too.

    Cutiepie – Awww, thanks.

    tim – That was a fun photo shoot. Hope to work with them again one day.

    Mike – Hi back at cha. Miss you!


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