So Many Birthday Spankings…

Were given to me over the past tens days that I spent in California and I got the bruises to show it.

Watch one of my Birthday Spankings right here.

Today I turn 26 and it feels so old in my mind, yet so young according to so many others. I still feel like a 19 year old, and I am even told that I look it to. I don’t want to stop being the young looking/feeing bratty but oh so cute and innocent little girl I feel I am.

As I sit here on the airplane and write this I think back on how much fun I had in L.A. and that I am so lucky to be able to travel about twice a year across the country to work with and get spanked by so many of my favorite spanking video producers.

It takes a lot of time, energy, and precise planning to put a trip together as such. Not only do I have to block the time out in my vanilla life schedule, explain to my family with lies as to why I am traveling yet once again across the country, but there is so much more. I have to contact all the people I would like to book shoots with and all the people I will be staying with and make sure that all the dates line up with all their schedules. So, I stayed with 6 different people over the past ten days. I had to be in contact with all of them as to work out all the details ahead of time. I also had to arrange my shoots in proper order and to make sure to have enough healing time in between. It takes a lot out of someone to do all this, so to have some time to myself will be nice when I get home. However, that might not be the case right away. I have Birthday dinner plans and then plans on Saturday as well. Sunday, I will rest. Monday, I start classes. I spoke with my father on the phone earlier today, my last day in L.A. and he asked how I was. I answered, “ I am tired.” He could not understand how I could be so tired when I was on what he thought was a “vacation” Little did he know that I was on a working vacation and I had been getting spankings, editing photos, videos, preparing blogs posts, clips updates, and traveling from one house to another. The only regret I have was not spending ANY time outdoors enjoying the California weather. Now I am on my way back to the cold east coast.

I spent the night before I got to the airport with Clare Fonda of The Clare Fonda Spanking Site pass. I didn’t shoot with her this time out there, as she has a lot of content of me right now, but she is my friend, so we hung out and spent girl time together.

I stayed with her Sunday night and then again we hung out on Thursday for dinner. She took me out to California Chicken Café and it was wonderful. I had one of the best salads that I have ever had. We sat there, ate, and talked for what seemed forever, yet at the same time went by so fast. Her and I have so much in common, yet so much not, we always have so many funny stories to tell to each other, and we just seem to get each other, and not to mention have similar humors. She took me out for what I consider my first birthday dinner, as it was the night before. Before I left, we took some fun photos together.

Looks like the Goblin doggy wanted a spanking too! lol

Earlier that day she picked me up at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s house where I had stayed for two nights. Chelsea and I had so much fun together. We shot a scene for her site Spank Sinn. Starring the talented and sexy Sinn Sage.

I got the chance to hang out with and talk to Sinn. She is such a nice person and we plan to work together again in the future. So, soon, you will see me premier on yet another popular spanking website. Chelsea and I also shot some really great scenes for my clips4sale and my upcoming site that I am still working on.

I will let you know when my work with her premieres on my clips store. She and I work so well together and have such great on camera chemistry, she even looks like she could be my mother and as you might have guessed, we did do a mother-daughter scenario.

I know I promised you in my last update that I would write more about my time with Stephanie Locke, but I feel that I need to dedicate a whole post just to my time with her, and I really wanted to get this one up on my Birthday. So, you will have to wait for that to come next. For now, enjoy the words I share above and some photos to illustrate more of my travels through spankville, California.

24 thoughts on “So Many Birthday Spankings…

  1. BlueMark


    Thanks for sharing, in words, pictures, and video.

    Hope you have a great birthday! And rest well on Sunday.


  2. BlueMark


    Sarah, after having watched part of the video, I’ve got to add how much fun it was to see you being you, what I assume is your genuine personality. In most, if not all, of previous spankings of you that I have seen, you’ve been in a role and just seeing your innate expressiveness was a delight. Love the birthday panties. Looking forward to watching the rest of the video and seeing them come off…



  3. Gord

    Just wanted to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday Sarah! You deserve to have a great one, for making so many people ( your fans, like me) so happy with your work… and by You Being You. I hope you get all the birthday spankings you desire.

    Take care. Gord.

  4. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Happy birthday,if I would have known it was your
    birthday I would have sent you a present.So now
    I will send you a belated birthday gift.
    It looks like you had a very busy time in California
    and also a lot of fun.And you do look like a young
    teen instead of an old lady of 26. Also your photo’s
    above are excellent.
    Again have a very happy birthday
    Love AK

  5. ddon

    happy birthday sweet one.

    when you get back you’ll have to spend some serious time with your new puppy. you’ve been missed.

    x-tra pats & ear scratching from,

    ddon, bootsie, & blackykitty

  6. Tony G.

    Happy Birthday, Sarah. Of all the women I have seen spanked on the internet (and I have seen quite a few) you are by far my favourite. I wish you the best this year. Keep on producing the fine quality work you are know for. Love ya a ton. Tony G.

  7. Spankedhortic

    The second half of your twenties, still have the energy of youth but now you have the experience to know how best to use that to enjoy yourself. Have a great time. 🙂

    Happy Birthday


  8. Southerngirl

    Happy birthday Sarah.
    It breaks my heart that you can’t reveal your spanking life to your parents. What a burden it must have been on you! I wish more parents would accept who their children are, and love us the way we are.
    Good luck.

  9. tim

    Sarah a belated happy birthday to you cute girl ,you are still very young and very spankable .love the pics Clare otk yours lol,love and Birthday spanks from tim in u.k. xxx

  10. alliegirl

    Happy Birthday Sarah!
    Your birthday spanking was sooooo cute..and I love the cupcake panties. They are adorable.
    Thank you for sharing your special spanking with all of your readers.

  11. Clare

    Hey it was fun partying with you . You look great and your video with K&K was adorable. As for my dogs we know that Goblin needs a bare bottom spanking.

  12. Richie

    Wow, quite a trip; glad you’re back and will c u soon I hope. Lot of girls your age could not plan all that you do. Think you have great future ahead.

  13. Dr. Ken

    Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope the birthday spankings keep coming for weeks and weeks.

    And Happy Valentine’s Day, too! Is there such a thing as a Valentine Spanking? If there is, I hope you get one!

    Dr. Ken


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