Blog Dilemma – Help

So I am sure it is noticed that I barely ever get to do my blogs anymore. I just get very overwhelmed when I know I have to do a HUGE post on a big week long trip or weekend long party and I start saving photos and getting them ready but it gets so overwhelming and I give up since I do so much other stuff too.

I have come to the conclusion that in order to keep my blog up and going, I need to do shorter posts and just cannot possibly go into as much detail as I once had before I was traveling as much as I am and before I ran two paysites and a clips store. This does make me sad though at the same time.

So I am asking for opinions. Would you rather

A: I end my blog

B: Keep up what I am doing with the long blogs posts, but maybe lucky to get one, once a month if that

C: More blog posts but much shorter, maybe a couple paragraphs and a few photos, but not like the ones that take hours.


So please give me some feedback as I am very stressed about letting my readers down as I know I have.

For now enjoy some photos from my shoot last week with Omar Photography



And here is a shot from my bondage shoot I just did in LA for Saico, photographs by Captivity Photoworks. This photo got over 4,700 loves already on Fetlife, I am so happy about this.



12 thoughts on “Blog Dilemma – Help

  1. John Osborne

    Keep it going. Do short and long posts… I know how busy you are and how stressful it can be. I am sure others will agree… I get upset on my own blog when I miss days as I am doing work or updates elsewhere. Just think about July 24th xxx.

  2. ChardT

    Do they have a division of sailors standing by to tie you up like that? It looks like it would take all day.

  3. smuccatelli

    Don’t worry about it. Your many fans will accept whatever you wish to give. My personal choice would be shorter updates and pics rather than you sweating the larger posts.

    LOVE the beach pics, btw. You have a gorgeous body… 😉

  4. Paul Down

    Hi Sarah,

    I would love you to carry on so maybe shorter posts more pics would do it for you and your many many fans.

    regards Paul

  5. John Trotta

    Hi Sarah,

    Shorter Blogs would be fine. It’s the picture updates that I wait for so if you have more pics less writing that should help work it in with your schedule.
    Thank God you are doing so much spanking material. I am a huge fan of yours and love seeing you get spanked.
    Please do more with Ms. Chris. Maybe a double spanking with Ms. Chris and your Boyfreind paddling that great bottom of yours.


  6. Gord

    Hi Sarah;

    Please don’t worry about letting people down, that’s not possible with all you do for the spanking community, and fetish fans in general.
    I agree with the other posters, option “C” would be my preference. Short blog posts, with pictures when possible. I also like to see pictures of you, you are a Goddess, and it’s a privelege to see what you share with your fans / readers.

    As always; take care, and take care of yourself.


  7. Sara

    Hi Sarah,
    I would be happy with option B or C. Anything but stopping all together. 🙂 I really love your detailed writing, but completely understand that you don’t have a lot of free time now.


  8. Red Rump

    hi Sarah

    I agree with Gord – don’t worry about letting people down. Your blog should be for you as much, if not more, than for anyone else.

    I don’t have a lot of time to update my spanking blog either, but my regular visitors have always been understanding.

    btw, I would love to post a photo tribute to you if that’s ok …


    Red Rump
    (Red Rump Spanking Art)

  9. john

    Your Beautiful, I just love to see you spanked in proper English schoolgirl uniform.

    Please keep the blog going!

    And the pics!


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