Had a Great time in England!!!

Based on my last blog, I am going with the majority vote, it is for more posts that are shorter. So here are a few photos from my trip to England that I was on in May. I was out there shooting as well as spending time with my man, John Osborne. We saw quite a bit, went to the Southwest of England, Plymouth (where he is from), London, and more. We also got to go to Cardiff to see the Doctor Who Experience. We went to Paris for a few days over his Birthday. It was a very good trip. The main shoot was that we hired Amelia Jane Rutherford for a full day for both AAA Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking. We got some great content. One of the scenes is already up on TripleA Spanking now with me spanking Amelia and then John spanking the both of us.

So here is a bunch of photos from my trip in no order.

DSC_9137 SWS_3851DSC_8715 DSC_8148 DSC_8150 DSC_7215DSC_7216 DSC_8829

These next couple are in the Famous Paris Opera House

DSC_8073 DSC_8047

And here are a few teasers from our shoot with Amelia

SWS_3796 SWS_3721SWS_3866

On my last day we also did a fun photo set. I got to dress like a cute school girl in this authentic uniform. The full set of these photos will be on my WEBSITE soon!

SWS_4143a  SWS_4016


9 thoughts on “Had a Great time in England!!!

  1. Sara

    Sounds like an awesome trip! I don’t know if I’m more jealous of Paris or the Doctor Who Experience! Oh wait….maybe the spankings…lol I’ll call it a three way tie 🙂

  2. Tim

    Sarah very pretty little Chloe receives big sound spanks from yourself on her cute botty which is blushing ,look forward to a new post soon from you Sarah as we enjoy them ,best spanks,Tim.

  3. Tim

    Sarah when I tried to play Christy cheerleader with you the last part WMit didn’t come out clear it was mottled and MP3 didny play at all can you please check?best spanks,Tim. didn’t .


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