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This comes as a huge topic to me and it hits home in many ways. Whenever I have been asked by a female spanker at a party or otherwise what kind of spanking I would like, I reply with the term, therapeutic. Not everyone seems to know what this is and I am not even sure that I do completely. It is different for everyone just like love can mean different things for different people. As a lot of you have read previously on here about my spanking with Stephanie Locke at the Shadow Lane party back in March, that was a therapeutic experience for me in the way that I was just spanked and let to go into my head, escape, and breath. Yes that is one form of therapeutic spanking I quite enjoy, another is something more typical to what you might call talk therapy, but when it doesn’t seem to work, resorting to spanking to help motivate and solve problems, even concerning to love, loss, and nurturance. A lot of of spankos as bottoms I have noticed are almost looking for a care giver when we look for a spanker. We are searching for parenting that we felt was never there or was incomplete. We seek nurturance and guidance. Discipline is a form of nurture and guidance if done in a loving and controlled way. I by no means support spanking children, so don’t take this that way, but I mean for adult consensual play, this can be what the meaning behind a spanking is. For me, what can bring me to tears is that the person spanking me cares so deeply for me and they are acting motherly, not angry, but strict and caring at the same time. They are soothing me and telling me it will be ok and that I am worth something. A lot of you already know that I have struggled my whole life with clinical depression as I have blogged about it before. I also have a range of other issues that I work on daily. I see a therapist and though she cannot spank me, as that is not moral and not what it is about with her, sometimes I seek that extra spanking therapy elsewhere such as parties and in private play.

In a recent scene shot with Clare Fonda, I decided to let loose a little and explore this idea more on camera. I had wanted to shoot this kind of scene for awhile and had talked with Clare about it weeks prior to it. I though that this would also make a good interview for her Spanked Sweeties site to speak to the members a little more in depth about this idea and act out a fantasy scenerio of my actual therapist spanking me. (By the way, I did allude to wanting my real therapist to spank me and you can also hear about that in the interview) The video mimics an actual therapy session with the couch and me not really doing what I am supposed, to which in reality are the real issues I work on, you can hear about them in the video. All for the issues are not talked about on camera, but the ones I felt comfortable sharing were. Clare spanks me as a loving, maternal, warm, therapist, who has my best interest in her heart and wants me to be healthy and feel better.

This scene premiers today on Spanked Sweeties and is called Sarah’s therapy spanking




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14 thoughts on “Spanking Therapy

  1. tim

    wow Sarah i shall view this vid soon yes a parent who spanks their offspring does it for their own good and as long as it is a caring household and well deserved it does good to them and shows right from wrong if needed ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  2. maddo

    Hey Sarah. That is a moving post and makes interesting points about the psychology of spanking. as we all know spankings can range from disciplinary to sensual with many in between and we are all attracted to different aspects but the therapeutic type has only occasionally been touched on from my experience. thanks for the insightful post (and great pics as always!). Handy that you can have therapy in your favourite industry too hey?! 🙂

  3. Southerngirl

    I am a “lurker” but I do enjoy your candid views. You are very open about yourself. If a bottom is looking for a nurturing discipline/spanking, does that mean she is living, at the unconcious level, in a permanent childhood state? Her psyche does not progress into adulthood? Sounds like having a maternal loving spanking brings comfort and love to you. After all most people are out there seeking love one way or another.
    I’m just rambling because what do I know since I’ve never ever been spanked by anybody?!
    Be happy!

  4. ron c

    This is an awesome blog, thank you so much from the heart, thanks. Also hit close to home because I have been over the lap of Ms. Locke many times and it is heaven there. She has been so wonderful and yes all you described I have felt! Stephanie also taught me how to be the lap. This is a very moving entry, thanks

  5. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Tim – Thank you for your thoughts. I agree

    Clare – That does say a lot, Thank you so much. I could have only done this with you. And yes, i want to…lol and will..heehee. And I know they are beautiful jeans, thank you for giving them to me. You are so kind.

    maddo – yes, very handy indeed.

    Southerngirl – Thank you for finally commenting. I love when new people who have been reading write. I can’t believe you have never been spanked, you need to remedy that girly. I have to think more about what you wrote, but I do not believe that I am living at the unconscious child level, just that I like having a maternal loving spanking to comfort me.

    ron c – Thank you for commenting. I am glad we share the same thoughts on Ms. Locke, as many do too.

  6. femsup

    There should be more use of spanking as therapy.It can be cathartic and a relaease of emotions.To cry whilst and after receiving a stern spanking can mean we can let go and be ourselves.

    Being thouroughly spanked can peal back layers of built up defences to get to the real naughty boy or girl beaneath.

  7. Robby McCoy

    Your bodies are sexy.and the videos are great!

    I’m serious when i admittedly say “i am a VERY NAUGHTY BOY!!” {i’m 41yo}i’d prefer to be age regressed back to a much younger age but i can’t find a group here in Mpls.MN who’d accept and take me. they’re snotty and are afraid of folks who are different from themselves and have mild to severe disabilities{i have Mild Aspergers}.I am my own guardian.I successfully live alone,and have a pt job.and used to drive daily.I AM VERY DEPRESSED because i can’t be accepted into any of the TwinCity bdsm/spanking groups! i want regular maintenance spankings and scoldings and harsher”you mean business’ i had better behave spankings.”

  8. matt-brat

    Miss Sarah,

    When i read this blog post i was actually clapping and smiling. Somebody Understands !! Yes Spanking can be therapeutic. A maternal spanking with scolding lowers the defenses and allows a sea of emotions wash over the person being spanked. i crave them and am a brat that needs to be put back in his place.

    All of my spankings well, they were done in anger, and were never a part of loving, nurturing discipline. i truly wish that there were more people like You who not only understood, but also embraced this kind of lifestyle.


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